‘Future Gpx Cyber Fomula’ Kicks Off Bleed Kaga’s 20th Birthday with an Exclusive Wine

2016.03.10 <PASH!PLUS+>

Pre-orders accepted until March 14. It's a celebration you won't want to miss

Tuxedo figure Ⓒ Sunrise

     Futre Gpx Cyber Formula, the exciting racing-themed anime will be celebrating its 25
th anniversary this year. And the popular character, Bleed Kaga (CV: Toshihiko Seki) will be officially be turning 20 on April 1, 2016! To commemorate this special event,  pre-orders are being accepted for a highly acclaimed sparkling wine labeled Bleed.

     There are two different bottle labels, both drawn by character designer Yoshimatsu Takahiro and are illustrations of Bleed Kaga dressed in a racing suit and the other in a tuxedo. The limited edition production will only sell 500 sets and are available only for a limited amount of time. Make this April 1st extra special by celebrating Bleed Kaga’s birthday!


Racing Suit


     Bleed Kaga 20th birthday anniversary 『Bleed』 (2 bottle set)

     Bottle info : 750ml × 2 bottles
     Wines appropriate for all seasons
     Alcohol content: 17 to 20%
     Type of Alcohol : Sparkling wine (Chardonnay and rosé)
     Price: 8,800 yen (tax included)
     Pre-order period: Until March 14 (Mon) 2016
     AnimeJapan2016 reception desk schedule : March 25 (Fri) to 27 (Sun)

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