‘Yowamushi Pedal – Grande Road’ Be@Rbrick Pedal Gear from Ichiban Kuji

2016.01.14 <PASH!PLUS+>

From Ichiban Kuji comes Yowamushi Pedal Grande Road: Be@rbrick Pedal

●G Prize – Be@rbrick design plastic cup (4 types)
Bearbrick collaboration plastic cups. The cups are also stack-able.
Size: Approximately 9 cm


H Prize – Towel Pouch (4 types)
 Towel pouches with designs of Sohoku, Hakone Gakuen, Kyoto Fushimi, and Kureminami schools.
Size: Approximately 14 cm


I Prize – Exciting Acrylic Key chains (9 types)
The acrylic key chains have designs of our favorite characters donning the ‘Ear Pocket Hat Muffler’ from prize B.
Size: Approximately 6.5 cm
* You can mount it on a stand to display
* Closed random BOX.


J Prize – Guzzling Acrylic Key chain (9 types)
Like the Prize I, these key chains too have designs of characters wearing the ‘Ear Pocket Hat Muffler’ from prize B.
Size: Approximately 6.5 cm
* You can mount it on a stand to display
* Closed random BOX.


Last Prize – Be@rbrick design Towel Blanket (One type)
Be@rbrick design towel blanket. The blanket is made of a very snug towel fabric. You can win this at the last lottery draw.


You can also apply for the ‘double chance campaign’ with the lottery ticket stub and win 1 of 100 sets of Be@rbricks. Each
set contains a Be@rbrick with designs of the four schools Sohoku, Hakone Gakuen, Kyoto Fushimi, and Kureminami. As the lottery products have all been unveiled, let’s definitely buy our tickets and enjoy these Be@rbrick Onoda and friends



On Sale:February 20 
Price:620 yen each(tax included)
Sold At:Bookstores, Animate, Hobby Shop, Amusement Parks, etc.(Sales may be void where prohibited、sales period may differ by retailer)

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