“Ichiban Kuji TIGER & BUNNY -The Rising-” is coming! Newly recorded original CDs are lined up!


Hero-produced KARUTA, seat cushion, folding umbrella and charms are coming

Newest items of TV anime “TIGER & BUNNY” will be on sale as “TIGER & BUNNY -The Rising-” from “Ichiban Kuji” series. It will be on sale from June 3 at bookstores, Bunkyodo, animega, animate, hobby shops and arcades. Price for each lottery will be 1,000yen (tax included).

Newly recorded “Ichiban Kuji” original CD will be lined up as A-prize. Items which are produced by heroes will be lined up as B~E-prizes.

Furthermore, 7 companies and Stern Bild’s neck straps are lined up for F-prizes, G-prizes will be cookie-ish keychains and the Last One prize will be original CD “Party wa Owaranai (The Party Never Ends)”. Also, double chance campaign to win A-prize and Last One-prize will start soon.


A-prize: Ichiban Kuji original CD ‘Stern Bild no Kanshasai (Stern Bild Appreciation)’

Heroes are having party on the day of Stern Bild Appreciation. The CD will tell us the situation with performances of main casts.

Size: approx. 19cm CD jacket
Play time: approx. 14min


B-prize: KARUTA

Heroes’ key phrases and key words are used for this KARUTA (Japanese playing cards). There may be your favorite phrases!

Size: approx. 8cm


C-prize: Oriental seat cushion

This seat cushion is produced by Wild Tiger, Rock Bison and Origami Cyclone. Characters’ motifs and silhouettes are printed with oriental design.

Size: approx. 35cm
tigerandbunny_05 tigerandbunny_06


D-prize: Starry sky folding umbrella

This umbrella is produced by Barnaby, Ryan and Sky High, designed with image of Stern Bild’s skyscraper and the sky. Umbrella’s bag is designed with 3 heroes’ silhouettes.

Size: approx. 90cm


E-prize: Otome☆Club’s hero suit charm

These charms are produced by Blue Rose, Dragon Kid and Fire Emblem. Charms are imaged from their suits with handy portable sizes.

Sizes: approx. 10cm


F-prize: 8 types of neck straps with memorial medals (each medal has different designs)

8 types of neck straps including 7 companies and Stern Bild logos. Each strap is attached with memorial medal of individual designs.

Size: neck strap: approx. 45cm/memorial medal: approx. 4cm
tigerandbunny_12 tigerandbunny_15 tigerandbunny_19 tigerandbunny_16
tigerandbunny_14 tigerandbunny_18 tigerandbunny_17 tigerandbunny_13


G-prize: Souvenir cookie-ish keychain

All heroes have gathered as cookie-ish keychains. Charms have their names on it. Please check which character is lined up as a secret by yourself!

Size: approx. 5cm

*closed package
tigerandbunny_21 tigerandbunny_22 tigerandbunny_23 tigerandbunny_24 tigerandbunny_25 tigerandbunny_26 tigerandbunny_27 tigerandbunny_28 tigerandbunny_29 tigerandbunny_30 tigerandbunny_31 tigerandbunny_32


Last One-prize: Ichiban Kuji original CD “Party wa Owaranai (The Party Never Ends)”

The party was reaching towards the closing time. Heroes are looking back at today’s party. Casts talk is also included in this CD.

Size: approx. 19cm CD jacket

Play time: approx. 11min

Casts talk: approx. 19min
tigerandbunny_33 tigerandbunny_34


Double chance campaign: Ichiban Kuji original CD set

Campaign to get both A-prize and Last One-prize will start soon. 10sets are prepared.

*These prizes are same items lined up for the lottery.