“Ichiban Kuji FGO” will be on sale from May 27! Introducing all prizes in large pictures♪


Acrylic stands are designed with cute and relaxed characters!

Items of iOS/Android game app “Fate/Grand Order (FGO)” will be on sale as “Ichiban Kuji Fate/Grand Order” from “Ichiban Kuji” series. It will be on sale from May 27 at hobby shops, bookstores, amusement facilities and some LAWSONs. Price for each lottery will be 620yen (tax included).

 This time, items will be designed with popular illustration of seasonal events held in the game.

 A~D-prizes will be wall hanging type art posters, visualized boards, visual towels and acrylic boards. Items are designed with images of seasonal events such as summer, Halloween, Christmas, and valentine.

 E-prizes are acrylic stands illustrated with cute deformed characters designed by BANPRESTO.

A-prize: Wall hanging type art posters (3 types/ can choose the one you want)

A2 sized wall-hanging type art posters of Lancer/Tamamo no Mae, Saber/Elizabeth Bathory (Brave) and Lancer/Jeanne d’Arc (Alter) (Santa Lily). Designs are imaged from summer, Halloween and Christmas.


B-prize: Visualized board (1 type)

B3 sized visualized board imaged from Valentine’s Day with Mashu Kyrielight.


C-prize: Visual towels (8 types/ can choose the one you want)

Approx. 100cm towels designed with characters in swimming wears. Characters’ design appeared in summer event held in 2016.fgo_0131

fgo_0055 fgo_0064 fgo_0074 fgo_0083 fgo_0093 fgo_0103 fgo_0112 fgo_0121

D-prize: Acrylic boards (4 types/ closed package. With stands)

Approx. 14cm. Acrylic boards with characters in limited designs.
fgo_0181 fgo_0141 fgo_0151 fgo_0161 fgo_0171

E-prize: Acrylic stands (15 types/ closed package)

Approx. 6.5cm. Original illustrations of deformed characters by BANPRESTO.

fgo_0191 fgo_0261 fgo_0271 fgo_0281 fgo_0291 fgo_0301 fgo_0311 fgo_0321 fgo_0331 fgo_0201 fgo_0211 fgo_0221 fgo_0241 fgo_0251 fgo_0231

Last one prize: Wall hanging type art poster last one ver. (1 type)

A2 sized wall hanging type art poster with design of saber/ Miyamoto Musashi. Japanese styled design with autumn color of leaves and Japanese rock garden. You can get this prize when you are purchasing the last lottery.

Double chance campaign: Wall hanging type art poster set

You can enter this campaign of winning all A-prizes with your lottery ticket. 50sets are prepared.


*information might change without notice