“Min-Kuji KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm” Is Coming From January 21


Line-ups are including cute stuffed dolls of next generation’s prism stars!

©T-ARTS / syn Sophia / キングオブプリズム製作委員会

The newest lottery product of ‘Minna No Kuji (Min-Kuji)’ is “Min-Kuji KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm” and will be sold from January 21, 2017 at FamilyMart, Circle K, Sunkus and some book stores.

 This time, new generation prism stars who are admiring of ‘Over The Rainbow’ became stuffed dolls to be lined up. Other line ups are such as character hangers, ticket holders, and more adorable items of “KINPRI”.

 From January 13, campaign to commemorate the selling will start on Twitter. By following the Twitter account ‘@minnanokuji’ and tweeting with hashtag ‘#みんくじキンプリ応援’, you might get some items from “Min-Kuji KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm”. Don’t forget to enter for ‘Double-get prize’ with your lottery tickets after purchasing!


“Minna No Kuji KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm ~ROAD TO PRISM KING CUP~”

On-sale date: starting from January 21, 2017
Available at: FamilyMart, Circle K, Sunkus, some book stores and more
Price: 650yen per lottery
Types: 30 types from A-prize to K-prize

A-prize: Shin Ichijo and Louis Kisaragi stuffed doll set
(1 type/ 16cm each)

B-prize: Yukinojo Tachibana stuffed doll
(1 type/ 16cm)

 C-prize: Taiga Kougami stuffed doll
(1 type/ 16cm)


D-prize: Kakeru Juuouin stuffed dollz
(1 type/ 16cm)


E-prize: Minato Takahashi stuffed doll
(1 type/ 16cm)

F-prize: Leo Saionji stuffed doll
(1 type/ 16cm)

 G-prize: Yu Suzuno stuffed doll
(1 type/ 16cm)


H-prize: Tokimeki☆ character hangers
(7 types/ 40cm each)
*you can choose one of the followings

 I-prize: Edale-rose profit and loss statement writing pads
(1 type/ B5 size, 30 papers)

 J-prize: ticket holder set
(6 types/ 20×10cm) *pairs
*you will get one of the following
*cannot choose

 K-prize: Kirameki rubber bracelets
(9 types/ 21×3cm)
*you will get one of the following
*cannot choose

 Last-get-prize: Alexander Yamato stuffed doll
(1 type/ 16cm)
*you will get this when your lottery ticket was last piece in the box

 Double-get-prize: Bath towel
(1 type/ 110×60cm)
*you might get this after entering your lottery ticket number on ‘Min-Kuji’ official website

 “Minna No Kuji KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm ~ROAD TO PRISM KING CUP~” Twitter campaign

Implementation period: January 13 to Febuary 6, 2017
Number of prize winners: 2
Targeted people: Who have followed Twitter account ‘@minnanokuji’ and tweeting about the product with hashtag ‘#みんくじキンプリ応援’
Prizes: “Minna No Kuji KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm ~ROAD TO PRISM KING CUP~” A~G-prizes

 * Implementation period might change due to circumstances