Disney’s ‘Finding Dory’ Themed Ichiban Kuji Lottery Begins July 21

2016.07.19 <PASH! PLUS+>

Plushies of new character Destiny are part of the lineup


     Ichiban Kuji launches its latest with a Finding Dory product lineup in all 7-Eleven and Ito-Yokado shops nationwide.

     Prize A will be a newly designed plush toy of the female whale shark character called ‘Destiny’ that is approximately 72cm in size.

     Prize B and C will be the previously released cute plushies of main characters from the super hit movies Finding Nemo and Finding Dory.

     Furthermore, Prize D will be a stylish triangular cushion of new character ‘Hank’, the octopus. In addition, there are various other prizes like acrylic stands, hand-towels, glasses and clear gel rubber charms with designs of the film’s characters.


     Ichiban Kuji ‘Finding Dory’ Lottery Items

Release Date : July 21, 2016 (Thu)
     Cost : 620 per ticket (tax included)
     Sold at : 7-Eleven, Ito-Yokado shops, etc (Non participating stores and differing sales periods may apply).
     * Only available while supplies last

     ● Prize A – Destiny Big Plushie (1 type)
A 72 cm sized big plushie of female whale shark, ‘Destiny’. It has cute eyes and mouth. Note that she has Dory and Nemo riding on her back.


     ● Prize B – Nemo Plushie (1 type)
A plushie of ‘Nemo’ the clownfish. This product has been made for maximum cuteness.


     ● Prize C – Dory Plushie (1 type)
A plushie of Dory, a regal blue tang. She is a very cheerful and positive, but a forgetful fish.


     ● Prize D – Hank Cushion (1 type)
A stylish triangular cushion featuring the octopus, ‘Hank’. The cushion has an image of the ocean. The fabric used for the cushion has pearl stitches which gives it a glossy feel and look.


     ● Prize E – Acrylic Stand (Total of 2 types)
These are acrylic smartphone stands and acrylic accessory stands with designs of each character in the movie. * You can choose your favorite design.

     dolly20160719_07 dolly20160719_08

     ● Prize F – Hand-towels (Total of 4 types)
These items are hand-towels with designs of all the cute ocean friends like Nemo and Dory. * You can choose your favorite design.

     dolly20160719_09 dolly20160719_10 dolly20160719_11 dolly20160719_12

     ● Prize G – Underwater Drinking Glasses (Total of 3 types)
These prizes are drinking glasses with illustrations of characters like Dory and Destiny. The glasses have images of the characters underwater. * You can choose your favorite design.

     dolly20160719_13 dolly20160719_14 dolly20160719_15

     ● Prize H – Clear Gel Rubber Charms (Total 4 types)
Rubber charms with designs of the characters. The charms have transparent underwater themed designs. * You can choose your favorite design.

     dolly20160719_16 dolly20160719_17 dolly20160719_18 dolly20160719_19

     ● Last One (Final) Prize – Crush Plushie (1 type)
A plushie of the green turtle, ‘Crush’. You will receive it if you draw the last winning ticket.


     ● Double Chance Campaign – Destiny Plushie (1 type)
You can apply for the Double Chance Campaign via the stub of your lottery ticket. An extra 100large size plushies of ‘Destiny’ from Prize A are available.


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