Go Wild with the ‘Idolmaster IchibanKuji Lottery-SideM~First Live Encore’ starting July 16th, 2016

2016.06.17 <PASH! PLUS+>

Plus exciting goods inspired by Sai, Frame, Cafe Parade, and F-Lags.

I prize: autographed illustration, from the left: Cafe Parade, F-LAGS ©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

     Get ready because summer’s about to get ever hotter! Coming July 16th, 2016, there will be an exciting event called the IchibanKuji Idolmaster SideM ~First Live Encore!!~ and it will be widely available at bookstores, hobby stores, amusement parks, and Animate stores. (There are some stores where this offer will not be running and some stores may have different release dates).

     Idolmaster SideM is a social network game which started in 2014, by the game service provider  Mobage. One of the players of the game has become a producer at a public entertainment office called 315 Productions. The game is dramatic card game that has since created more than 40 pop stars.

     This is the second collaboration with Ichiban-Kuji. Many items from idol units like ‘Sai’, ‘Frame’, ‘Shinsoku Ikkon’, ‘Cafe Parade’, ‘Altessimo’, ‘The Zakogado’, ‘Mofumofuen’, ‘F-LAGS’ will be in the lottery line up in the shops.

     The lottery has a total of 11 different prize categories, and 56 prize options + a one-of-a-kind grand prize. Prizes will be available in categories A to H. among these prizes, there are bath towels of around 100cm in length with designs of the members of each unit and casual goodies useful for war games.

     Keep scrolling and you’ll get an exclusive inside look into all the prizes! To know more about the prizes, check it all until the end of the article♪

     Ichibankuji  Idolmaster  SideM ~First Live Encore!!~

Release date : July 16th, 2016
     Cost : 620yen per round (tax included)
     Available at : bookstores, hobby stores, amusement parks, and
     Animate stores (Please note that some convenience stores may not be selling lottery tickets, and the period of time the tickets are sold may differ at each location).
     * Please note that the event will conclude once all the products are handed out.

     ●A Prize : Sai Bath Towel (1 type)
     This beautifully designed bath towel is decked out with the hot members from the Sai unit. The dark purple and mustard yellow tones takes it to a whole new level of sexy.


     ●B Prize : Frame Bath Towel (1 type)
     Keep your favorite Frame unit members closer to you than ever before with this awesome towel. Their main unit green color makes it all the more eye-catching.


     ●C Prize : Shinsoku Ikkon Bath Towel (1 type)
     Swoon over the sexy guys from the Shinsoku Ikkon unit with this ultra-cool bath towel. Their theme color makes them pop out even more.


     ●D Prize : Café Parade Bath Towel (1 type)
     Let this bath towel with the members from the Café Parade unit take your breath away. The base tone is red-purple as that of their main unit color.


     ●E Prize : Altessimo Bath Towel (1 type)
     Rock out with the Altessimo unit in this fun design bath towel. The light yellow tone makes it extra fun as that of the unit color.


     ●F Prize : The Zakogado Bath Towel (1 type)
     Everyone will be jealous when they see you carrying around this awesome designed bath towel. Party it up with the members from the Zakogado unit.


     ●G Prize : Mofumofuen Bath Towel (1 type)
     Snuggle up with the members from the Mofumofuen unit. This cuddly bath towel will make your day and the pastel pink tone just makes it even more perfect!


     ●H Prize : F-Lags Bath Towel (1 type)
     Have a blast with the cool members of F-LAGS unit in this extra special bath towel.


     >> More exciting details are coming your way! Go to the next page for more awesome character goods including autographed illustrations and rubber charm straps♪

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