‘Tales of Zestiria’ & ‘Tales of Berseria’ Special Double Ichiban-Kuji Lottery Starts August 18, 2016 in Time with Newest Game Release

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Get ready for the next 'Tales of' themed Ichiban-Kuji at a place near you

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     This just in! The popular TV anime series Tales of Zestiria will be the newest theme on offer from the Ichiban-Kuji Lottery that will start on August 18th, 2016. This Tales of Zestiria kuji lottery will feature along side it, the newest RPG game Tales of Berseria. With both parts in the Ichiban-Kuji Lottery, it’s going to be an event you won’t want to miss.

     There will be nine different prize categories, with 29 prize options, plus a one-of-a-kind grand prize. Some of the awesome and exclusive items include: mini cushions, towels, glass cups, stationary, plus more.  Want to know more about the prizes? Then keep on reading and see what prizes will be available for you lucky winners out there!

     The lottery will start on the exact same day the game, Tales of Berseria is released in stores. You can purchase the lottery tickets at these participating stores: bookstores, game shops, Animate, Hobby shops, and amusement game centers.

     Win one of the prizes and get a closer look into the fantastical world of Tales of Zestiria.

     Details :

     ‘Tales of Zestiria’ & ‘Tales of Berseria’ Ichiban-Kuji Lottery

Starts on : August 18th, 2016
     Price per play : 620 yen (tax included)
     Available at : bookstores, Animate, game shops, hobby stores, amusement game centers, etc.

     *Please note that some stores may not be selling lottery tickets, and the time the tickets are sold may differ at locations.

     *Please note that the event will conclude once all the products are handed out.

     A Prize : Zestiria – Visualize frame  (1 type)
     Once you set your eyes on this beautifully framed illustration of Sorey and Mikleo, you’ll want to show it off in the living room or in your bedroom.
     This design is by the anime production company ‘ufotable.’
     ※Comes with a B4-sized frame.


     ●B Prize : Celestial record mini cushion (1 type)
     Design inspired by the Celestial record that Sorey carries around with him, you can become an expert on the study of the ancient ruins, just like Sorey. You can even open and close it just like an actual book.

     teiruzu20160721_05 teiruzu20160721_06

     ●C Prize : Zestiria visual towel (1 type)
     Catch a glimpse into the friendship of Sorey and Mikleo in this fun design.

     ●D Prize : Berseria visual towel (1 type)
     Check out this awesome towel design and meet some of the main characters from ‘Tales of Berseria’ like Velvet, Laphicet, and more.

     ●E Prize : Shepherd design glass cups (4 types)

     Check out Sorey and Rose in 4 different types of designs as the shepherds.
     teiruzu20160721_07 teiruzu20160721_10 teiruzu20160721_09 teiruzu20160721_08

     ●F Prize : Gauze towel (3 types)

     Have fun carrying around these cute towels that come in three different adorable designs.

     teiruzu20160721_11 teiruzu20160721_13

     ●G Prize : Stationary goods (4 types)

     Dive into the exciting world of ‘Tales of Zestiria’ and ‘Tales of Berseria’ and have fun taking notes or journalize your thoughts in these lovely designed memo pads.

     memo1OL teiruzu20160721_15
     memo2OL teiruzu20160721_17
     memo3OL teiruzu20160721_19
     memo4OL teiruzu20160721_21

     ●H Prize : Zestiria rubber straps (8 types)
     The characters of Zestiria are cuter than ever in these mini-character designed rubber straps. Stick them on your cell phones, and everyone will wish they had one too.

     teiruzu20160721_22 teiruzu20160721_23 teiruzu20160721_24 teiruzu20160721_25 teiruzu20160721_26 teiruzu20160721_27 teiruzu20160721_28 teiruzu20160721_29

     ●I Prize : Berseria rubber straps (6 types)

     Have an awww moment with these adorable ‘Tales of Berseria’ characters designed as mini-characters. You’ll want to tie them on to your cell phones and show them off for all to see.

     teiruzu20160721_31 teiruzu20160721_32 teiruzu20160721_33 teiruzu20160721_34 teiruzu20160721_35teiruzu20160721_30

     ●The grand prize

     Berseria – Visualize frame (1 type)
     Check out the beautiful illustration of Velvet and Laphicet in this exclusively drawn picture by ‘ufotabl’. This illustration will be handed out immediately after the final draw.
     ※Comes with a B4-sized frame.


     ●Double Chance Campaign: Rubber strap 14 item set
Unlucky the first time for the Grand Prize? Don’t worry, because now you have a second chance to see if you’ll be lucky this time around in the double chance campaign! Enter to win both H prize (Zestiria rubber straps) and I Prize (Berseria rubber straps).
     These adorable, must-have rubber strap sets will be handed out to 100 lucky winner!

     ※ The ‘Ichiban-Kuji・Grand prize・Double Chance Campaign’ are all registered trademarks of Banpresto.

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