‘Big Bang’ Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary with an Exciting Ichiban-Kuji Lottery Featuring Krunk☆

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'Big Bang' Ichiban-Kuji Lottery Tickets will go on Sale July 30th, 2016 at Lawson, HMV, and other stores.

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     Love K-pop and a fan of Big Bang? Then you won’t want to miss out on this limited time kuji.

     2016 marks Big Bang’s 10th year anniversary celebration year, and to celebrate, they’ll be having a Big Bang 10th anniversary with Krunk : Ichiban-Kuji Lottery. Tickets will go on sale at your participating local Lawson store, HMVs, and a few other places beginning July 30th, 2016.

     Big Bang is the popular five member South Korean boy band comprised of : G-Dragon, T.O.P, Sol, D-Lite, and V.I. They are officially the first foreign music group to perform as a Tokyo Dome Tour headliner for three consecutive years, and for their ‘Big Bang World Tour 2015-2016 ‘Made- in Japan’, they performed in front of over 910 thousand fans. Not only are they popular among females, the band’s charismatic style has become popular among male fans as well. With their exciting and infectious music, Big Bang is taking Japan again by storm, and it doesn’t look like that’ll be changing anytime soon.

     And this new Ichiban-Kuji lottery which will feature Big Bang in their 10th anniversary, will include products that capture the upbeat and exciting essence of the popular boy band. For the ‘Big Bang 10th anniversary with Krunk: Ichiban-Kuji Lottery’, each product is based off of the top 10 songs from Big Bang , plus there will also be a special collaboration item that will feature their record label YG Entertainment’s mascot character, Krunk.

     In total, they will be 11 different prize categories, 60 prize options, plus one grand prize. Check out all the awesome items and see which ones are your favorite to win. The most popular item is a cushion that is based off of their most recent album, ‘Made Series.’

     D Prize : Sober 1 type
Enjoy listening to their song ‘Sober’ while snuggling up to this cushion where the design was inspired by the music video to this song.


     You also will want to check out the K prize items which have designs of all the members plus Krunk for an adorable set of designer rubber charms that comes in 50 different types! See Krunk work each look from every music video♥

Prize : Krunk×BigBang MV Collection50 types
Fantastic Baby

And for the one-of-kind-grand prize, you can win a designed can that has Krunk wearing the outfit that was used in the ‘Bang Bang Bang’ music video. Inside the can is full of ramune candy that also has the image of Krunk on them.



     PASH! Plus has all the exclusive details and images, so go and and scroll down the page and check out the great items.

     Details :

Big Bang 10th anniversary with Krunk : Ichiban-Kuji Lottery

     Starts : July 30th, 2016.
     Price : 620 yen/ticket (tax included)
     Official shop : Lawson, HMV, and other stores. Please note that some convenience stores and shops may not provide these services or the available dates may differ independently. (Available only while supplies last)

     A Prize : Loser 1 type
   Rock out with this awesome cushion while watching the music video for the song ‘Loser.’


     B Prize : Bae Bae 1 type
Check out this cool design inspired by the music video from ‘BaeBae.’


     C Prize : Bang Bang Bang 1 type
Have fun listening to ‘Bang Bang Bang’ with this awesome design.


     D Prize : Sober 1 type
   Enjoy singing along to ‘Sober’ with this design cushion.


     E Prize : Fantastic Baby 1 type
   Work the ultra-cool look with this dar-toned design inspired by the music video from ’Fantastic Baby.’


     F Prize : Blue 1 type
   It’s ok to be blue sometimes, especially if it means you’re listening to ‘Blue’ with this design inspired cushion.


G Prize : Tonight 1 type
The night is young and things are just getting started with this ‘Tonight’ inspired cushion.


     H Prize : Let me hear your voice (声をきかせて) 1 type
Let your heart swoon just a little bit more while listening to this song while snuggling up with this cushion.


     I Prize : Garagara Go! (ガラガラ GO!!) 1 type
Channel your inner wild side with this super cool design cushion.


     J Prize : My Heaven 1 type
Relax and enjoy this design that is inspired by the music video for ‘My  Heaven.’


     K Prize : Krunk×Big Bang MV Collection 50 types
Enjoy picking out from these rubber charms that has Krunk working each outfit for each of the top favorite songs’ music videos.
 ※Item will come in a closed package.


Bae Bae

Bang  Bang  Bang


Fantastic Baby



Let me hear your voice (声をきかせて)

Garagara Go! (ガラガラ GO!!

My  Heaven

     ●The Grand Prize
: BigBang-Can -comes with ramune candy (1 type
Who said cans were boring? This can is designed with Krunk taking ‘cool’ to the next level with the design inspired the music video for ‘Bang Bang Bang.’


     Inside the can is filled with ramune candies that have special illustrations of Krunk as each of the members. This prize will be handed out right after the last draw. You might just be that lucky winner.

bigbang_20160701_imageLAST02 bigbang_20160701_imageLAST03 bigbang_20160701_imageLAST04 bigbang_20160701_imageLAST05 bigbang_20160701_imageLAST06

Double Chance Campaign : Big Bang MV Collection
 Not lucky the first time? Don’t sweat it, because now you have a second chance at luck with this double chance campaign!
 100 sets that comes with a cushion and five rubber charms will be handed out to 100 lucky winners.

     ※Please note that each set will be picked and handed out randomly.

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