‘Idolish7 vs. Trigger’ Ichiban-Kuji Lottery Starting on May 28th, 2016♪

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The theme of this lottery is 'Idolish7 vs. Trigger'


     The newest Ichiban-Kuji event for Idolish7, themed Idolish7 vs Trigger, will be open to the public from May 28th, 2016 at some Seven Eleven convenient stores, bookstores, Tsutaya shops, hobby shops, Animate shops, and amusement parks. (There are some shops where this event will not be held and some shops where the release date of the event may be different).

     The theme of the event is Idolish7 vs Trigger. You can choose from between the following two: the showy ‘white side’ of the gorgeous designs suitable to Idolish7, or the cool design from the ‘white side’ of Trigger. In total, there will be 10 popular characters who will have special illustration images and exclusive design items. 

     In the top rank of prizes, a selection is a lineup of cushions that feature members.  Some of the exciting items include: design pouches each representing a different group, special acrylic stands with exclusive illustrations, pin badges, and rubber straps of ‘Kiradoru’ are some of the exciting products that are lined up.

     Plus, for the one-of-a-kind grand prize, an exciting selection of posters with printed autographs of each member of both the groups will also be available. Also, in a double chance campaign, the ‘Ichiban-Kuji award’ will be a special tapestry. The fans will have a chance to vote on their favorite design, and the one with the most votes will be the design that will be awarded. 

     What side will you choose? 

     Details :

     Ichiban-Kuji for Idolish7 titled Idolish7 vs Trigger

Fee : 620 yen per round (tax included)

     A prize : Iori Izumi Cushion (1 type)
Check out Iori working his saber sword in the beautiful design.

     ● B Prize : Daiwa Nikaido Cushion (1 type)
This cushion has an illustration of Yamato looking extra amazing in his full attire.

     ● C Prize : Mitsuki Izumi Cushion (1 type)
Just looking at Mitsuki’s illustration, you can feel the excitement about to burst out of this design.

     ● D Prize : Tamaki Yotsuba Cushion (1 type)
The cushion has an illustration of Tamaki showing off his dance skills.

     ● E Prize : Sogo Osaka Cushion (1 type)
The fine details on this design captures Sogo looking extremely elegant and refined.

     ● F Prize : Nagi Rokuya Cushion (1 type)
A true fashionista, this illustration shows Nagi working an extra unique look with a feather fastened on his head.

     ● G Prize : Riku Nanase Cushion (1 type)
Honest and hardworking as ever, this design captures Riku working the spotlight.

     ● H Prize : Pouch ~white side~ (1 type)
This cute pouch includes all the members of Idolish7 and is perfect for everyday use!

     ● I Prize Acrylic stand ~white side~ (7 types)
These acrylic stands all come with the Idolish7 characters and all come in the same designs for Prize A to Prize G. 
     * Please note that these items will be in closed packages.

     ainanaiti20160422_11 ainanaiti20160422_12 ainanaiti20160422_13 ainanaiti20160422_14
     ainanaiti20160422_15 ainanaiti20160422_16 ainanaiti20160422_17    

     ● J Prize : Pin badge~ white side~ (2 sets and 7 types)
With adorable pins like these, you’ll never be able to choose which ones you want. Each pin comes in a heart shapes with each member from Idolish7.
     * You can choose your favorite type.

     ●K Prize : Rubber strap ~white side~ (7 types)
These illustrated rubber straps include designs of each of your favorite characters. You can strap them around your cell phone or handbag strap and carry it with you wherever you go.
     *  Please note that these items will be closed packages.
     ainanaiti20160422_25 ainanaiti20160422_26 ainanaiti20160422_27 ainanaiti20160422_28 ainanaiti20160422_29 ainanaiti20160422_30 ainanaiti20160422_31

     ● Grand prize : Idolish7 Poster (B3 sized/1 type)
Is this too good to be true??? This amazing poster includes signed autographs from all the members of Idolish7. It will be the perfect addition to adorn your walls so you can show it off to all your friends. This poster will be handed out right after the last draw.


     ~black side~
     ● 1st : Gaku Yaotome Cushion (1 type)
This beautiful and amazing design of Gaku has dark and mysteriousness written all over it. It’s sure to get your heart beating every time you look at it! 

     ● 2nd : Ten Kujou Cushion (1 type)
Channel your inner pop star and have fun with Ten in this exciting illustration.

3rd : Ryunosuke Tsunashi Cushion (1 type)  
Better turn up the AC because it looks like the summer heat won’t be the only thing you’ll have to worry about. This sizzling design of Ryunosuke will make your heart swoon for sure.


     ● 4th : Pouch ~black side~ (1 type)  
This cool pouch has the silhouette of each of the members of Trigger.

     ● 5th : Acrylic stand ~black side~ (3 types)  
These awesome acrylic stands come in the same design as Prize 1, 2 and 3. * Please note that these items will be closed packages.
     ainanaiti20160422_37 ainanaiti20160422_38 ainanaiti20160422_39

     ● 6th : Pin badge ~black side~ (2 sets/3 types)  
Have fun decorating your tote bag or backpack with these cool heart shaped pin badges. Each of them are awesome designs of the Trigger members.
* You can choose your favorite type.
     ainanaiti20160422_40 ainanaiti20160422_41 ainanaiti20160422_42


th Prize : Rubber strap ~black side~ (Total 4 types)  
Everyone will be oohing and ahhing over these adorable straps. Each of the straps have the members of Trigger working their outfits in dull display.
* Please note that these items will be in closed packages.
     ainanaiti20160422_43 ainanaiti20160422_44 ainanaiti20160422_45ainanaiti20160422_46

 Grand prize : Trigger Poster (B3 sized/1 type)  
This poster isn’t just breathtakingly beautiful, it comes with all the signatures of the members of Trigger. It’ll be the perfect addition to your bedroom decor.  This poster will be handed out right after the last draw.


 Double chance campaign : Special wall hanging tapestry (A2 size)   
     If you weren’t lucky in the Grand Prize lottery, you can also enter for this double chance
campaign. 100 wall hangings will be given out to 100 lucky winners.  The fans will get to vote for their favorite design, and the one that has the most votes will be the final design that will be handed out to the lucky winners. Please see below for more details.


      ‘Ichiban-Kuji Award’ Details :
Voting period : June 4th, 2016 until 11:59 p.m.
Voting method :
Purchase the ‘Ichiban-Kuji Idolish 7 ~Idolish7 VS Trigger’ and try out for the double chance campaign.  Access the mobile site of Ichiban-Kuji lottery Click on ‘Banpresto  ID input screen’ to continue on to ‘Double Chance Campaign Challenge’! One challenge will equal one vote. Idolish7 and Trigger will get votes, depending on who you vote for at the double chance campaign.

     Result announcement : scheduled for the middle of June, 2016

     * In the double chance campaign, after each challenge is completed, your vote will be added.
* To vote, you need to sign up for a membership registration for BanprestoNavi (Free of charge).
* Please note that the voting period for ‘Ichiban-Kuji Awards’ and ‘Double chance campaign’ will be

      For more details, please refer to ‘Ichibankuji lottery club’
     website http://bpnavi.jp/t/idolish7_03   


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