Celebrate 65 Years of the Insanely Fantastical World of ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ with a New Exciting Ichiban-Kuji Lottery

2016.06.09 <PASH! PLUS+>

New Line-up of Original Characters Goods Exclusively Designed by Banpresto.


     Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole? Now you have a another amazing chance to dive into the amazing and riveting world of Wonderland in the exciting new Ichiban-Kuji lottery.

     This July marks the 65th anniversary of when Disney’s Alice in Wonderland was first released in theaters, and to celebrate, the Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland – ‘Go to Wonderland’ Ichiban-Kuji Lottery event, will have some wonderful new character goods for you to win. There will be eight different prize categories, with 18 prize options in all, plus a one-of-a-kind grand prize.  

     See what kind of prizes are available as you might be one of the lucky winners to win one of them.

     Details :

     Alice in Wonderland – ‘Go to Wonderland’ Ichiban-Kuji Lottery Prizes

     Starting in the beginning of July, the following convenient stores will start selling lottery tickets: Lawson, Family Mart, Circle K, Sunkus, Ministop, Three-F and some other convenient stores.

     ※Please note that some convenience stores may not be selling lottery tickets, and the period of time the tickets are sold may differ from each other.
     ※Please note that the event will conclude once all the products are handed out.

     Price per play :  620yen(tax included)

     A Prize :  Cheshire cat plush toy(1 type)
     The sneaky and mischievous Cheshire cat is back in this exclusive Ichiban-Kuji original design. Now you can watch ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and snuggle up with your favorite cat♪
     About 30 cm in length

     B Prize :  Mad Hatter’s hat cushion(1 type)
     This Mad Hatter’s hat cushion is just the thing you need for your next tea party.
     With a touch of sugar, a slice of cake, and this cushion for decor, all your friends will be wishing they also had this cool Mad Hatter’s hat cushion.
     About 23 cm
     arisu_20160609_010 arisu_20160609_011

     C Prize : Young oysters tea cup figurine(1 type)
     If you were heartbroken with the sad fate of the young oysters, now you can rest easy with this lovely figurine. The adorable young oysters can keep you company, and it will also be the perfect to use as an accessory tray.
     About 11 cm

     D Prize : Diana coin pouch(1 type)
     Need a new purse to store your coins? Then this coin pouch is just the thing for you. With Diana’s face as the design, it adds a nice classical vintage touch. Small enough to keep in your bag or clutch, have fun carrying it with you when you go out to town.
     About 15 cm


     E Prize : Flower Mirror (2 types)
     A girl can never have too many things floral. This compact mirror comes in two designs, the rose and the dandelion that Alice comes upon during her adventures in Wonderland. Every time you need to check yourself in the mirror, you can be a step closer to Wonderland.
     About 7. 5 cm
     ※You can choose between the two types.


     F Prize : Towel Handkerchief (3 types)
     Who said you can’t have too many handkerchiefs? Enjoy picking your favorite designs from your choices of Alice, Doormouse, and Tweedledee & Tweedledum.
     About 25㎝
     ※You can choose the type you like.


     Prize G : Stationery Collection (4 types)
     Enjoy taking notes and journaling in these cute stationary designs.

     【A4 Clear File + Post Card – 4 types】
     Post card overall length: about 14.5 cm


     【A4 Clear File + Greeting Card – 2 types】
      Card overall length: about 14.5 cm


     【A4 Clear File + cut-out frame card– 2 types】
     Card overall length: about 30 cm


     ※You can choose your favorite set from the four sets available.

     H Prize : Main characters charm chain (5 types)
     Five of the darling characters from Wonderland are now available as adorable charms. You can carry your keys or even put it on your bag strap and carry it around as your lucky charm.

     ※You can choose the type you like.


     The grand prize : ‘Alice in Wonderland’ White Rabbit plushie (1 type)
     Now you can have your own personal guide to help you find your way to the dreamy and fantastic world of Wonderland. This White Rabbit plush toy will be handed out right after the last draw. You just might be the lucky winner.
     About 25 cm

     Double Chance Campaign : ‘Alice in Wonderland’ White Rabbit plushie
     Missed your chance on winning the grand prize? Don’t worry, because you can still have a chance with the double chance campaign! The same White Rabbit plushie will be handed out to 50 lucky winners. Don’t forget to apply with your ticket stub for this second chance prize.
     About 25 cm

     ※ The ‘Ichiban-Kuji・ Grand prize・Double Chance campaign’ are all registered trademarks of Banpresto.

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