‘Ensemble Stars! First Live!’ Ichiban Kuji lottery prizes include t-shirts wristbands

2016.04.11 <PASH! PLUS+>

Popular Fashion Brand 'earth music&ecology' designed T-shirts

     ●K prize Wristband (1 random selection of 8 types)

     Wristbands with designs based off of each group.
     Size : Approximately 8 cm
     Closed Box
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     ●L prize Clamorous! Rubber straps (1 random of 11 types)
     Rubber strap designed as members from Meteor Corps, Ra*bits, and 2wink with various facial expressions. All the members wear the E, F, and G prize T-shirts.
     Size : Approximately 6 cm
     * Closed Box
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      ●Final Prize Bath towel
 with collection of autographs (1 type)

     This is a large-sized bath towel adorned with autographs of all members. You will receive this if you win the final lottery.
     Size : Approximately 100 cm


     ●Double chance campaign prize
       Cardboard Illustration set with character signatures

     You can subscribe for this double chance campaign by using the stub of the lottery ticket. This card-board illustration set has 100 pieces with character autographs from new group Valkyrie, specifically Shu Itsuki and Mika Kagehira.
     Size : Approximately 27 cm

     0316_enst_FL_Wshikishi_ol-01 0316_enst_FL_Wshikishi_ol-01

     Details :

     Ensemble Stars: First Live!Ichiban Kuji Prizes

     Start Date :  End of April 2016
     Price :  620 yen (including tax) for for each lottery draw
     Sold From :  Available at Family Mart, TSUTAYA and Animate, along with various bookstores, hobby shops and amusement Facilities

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