Disney’s ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ Ichiban-Kuji Lottery Prizes are here!

2016.02.15 <PASH! PLUS+>

A Marie plush toy from the Aristocats as grand prize in a special collaboration


     Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland from Disney is out with new Ichiban-Kuji lottery prizes. Enjoy participating in a lottery where everyone’s a winner! Starting February 27th, 2016, the lottery
will be held in bookstores, TSUTAYA, Hobby Shop, and Animate shops.

This lottery will includes 9 different prize levels with 19 total possible options plus a one-of-a-kind grand prize! Anyone who is a fan of Alice in Wonderland will get to catch a glimpse of her magical world through the exciting prizes that will be of offer. From plush toys to tote bags, if the theme wasn’t enough to get you excited, then these prizes definitely will do the job!

●A prize : Cheshire Cat plush toy (1 type)

Specially designed for this lottery is a plush toy of the Cheshire Cat sporting a satin ribbon.
Size: approximately 30cm


●B prize : Cushion with Alice ribbon (1 type)
Fluffy cushion is inspired by Alice’s black ribbon. It has a design that is inspired with Alice and roses.
Size: approximately 40cm


●C prize : Original art bag (1 type)
You’ll want to go around everywhere with this cute tote bag. Big enough to carry folders and notebooks to class, or for going shopping with friends. Everyone will definitely be wanting one after they see you carrying yours!
Size: approximately 34cm





●D prize : Red rose pouch (1 type)

Glam it up with this beautiful red rose pouch! Easy to carry around, you’ll always want it with you!
Size: approximately 15cm


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