Alolan Exeggutor’s figure will be available in 1.09m tall!


Enjoy Alolan atmosphere in your room!

“Alolan Exeggutor” will be on sale as “G.G.P (Great Giant Pokémon)” figure at “Gasha Depa” store opening on “PREMIUM BANDAI” website.


“G.G.P (Great Giant Pokémon)” is newest Pokémon figure brand which produces figures of Pokémon in BIG sizes. Its first product is “Alolan Exeggutor”, which is new form of Exeggutor only seen in Alola Region.


Exeggutor is a Pokémon which has unique three heads. Alolan Exeggutor has fourth head on its tale and also has very long neck. Its height is 10.9m tall.


This time, “Alolan Exeggutor” figure was made into 1.09m tall after its actual height of 10.9m tall. You might feel Alolan atmosphere with this figure!


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