“Yuri!!!” Victor’s figure in suit will be on sale!


“Yuri!!!” Victor’s figure in suit will be on sale!

Victor Nikiforov from TV anime “Yuri!!! on ICE” will be on sale as “ARTFX J Victor Nikiforov” in December.

This time, Victor was made into a figure when he was wearing a suit. The contrast between black suit and his silver hair is beautiful and just cannot be ignored!

 Furthermore, Makkachin’s tissue case will also be attached to this item, and Victor’s coat can be unclothed.


“ARTFX J Victor Nikiforov”
Size: approx. 150mm
Price: not yet confirmed
Sales date: December, 2017
Content page: https://www.kotobukiya.co.jp/product/product-0000002594/
*Victor’s face change part will be attached by purchasing this item at company stores.
vic_002 vic_003 vic_004 vic_005 vic_006 vic_007


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