“Pokémon” Espeon & Umbreon engagement ring will be on sale


Eevee’s evolution inspired ring will also be on sale!

“Pokémon” inspired Jewelries; Espeon & Umbreon engagement ring, Eevee’s evolution engagement ring, Eevee necklace and Gengar necklace will be on sale from U-TREASURE. These items will be available at U-TREASURE POP UP SHOP at Shinjuku or at U-TREASURE online shop from July 14.

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“Pokémon” Espeon & Umbreon solitaire ring

 Espeon & Umbreon are surrounding the jewel. Enjoy starting your new life together with Pokémon.

88,000yen (Platinum, price for the jewel is not included)
78,000yen (K18 yellow/white gold, price for the jewel is not included)
29,000yen (Silver, cubic zirconia)
<On sale> July 14


“Pokémon” Eevee’s evolution pair ring

Eevee’s    silhouette and all types of evolution (water, electric, fire, psychic, dark, grass, ice and fairy) are designed on the ring, made with a wish of a person who with this ring can evolve his or her personality in future.

 <Pair price>
216,000yen (Platinum 950)
160,000yen (K18 yellow/pink/white gold)
30,000yen (silver)
<On sale> July 4


“Pokémon” Gengar necklace

Cute Gengar with amethyst, a purple jewel in hand.

<Pair price>
65,000yen (Platinum 950, 2mm amethyst)
55,000yen (K18 yellow/pink/white gold, 2mm amethyst)
12,000yen (silver, 2mm amethyst)
<on sale> July 21


“Pokémon” Eevee necklace

Eevee sitting on a Poké Ball, and the ball is designed with a diamond.

<Pair price>
68,000yen (Platinum 950, 0.02ct diamond)
58,000yen (K18 yellow/pink/white gold, 0.02ct diamond)
15,000yen (silver, 0.02ct diamond)
<On sale> July 21