“Dragon Ball Super” Freeza’s Face-Designed Marshmallows are On Sale!


3 types of portable battery chargers will also be on sale!


3 types of portable battery chargers are coming from TV anime “Dragon Ball Super”. One of the products is “Mobaca Freeza” (Price: 3,500yen + tax) and will be on sale at JUMP SHOPs from April 29.

“Mobaca” is thin and light portable battery charger which can recharge your mobile phone fully for once, and can be reused more than 500 times. “Mobaca Freeza” has large design of Freeza’s face on it and will catch people’s eyes.

Other than that, “Kame (亀) mark” version has big print of “亀” which is the design for Kame-Sennin Ryu’s logo, and “Red Ribbon Army” version has the printed mark of Red Ribbon Armies. Each will cost 3,500yen + tax.

You must also check “Marshmallow Freeza” (Price: 500yen+tax) which has prints of Freeza’s faces in 3 types!

Dragon Ball Super Mobaca Freeza (Price: 3,500yen+tax)

Dragon Ball Super Mobaca Kame (亀) mark (Price: 3,500yen+tax)

Dragon Ball Super Mobaca Red Ribbon Army (Price: 3,500yen+tax)

Dragon Ball Super Marshmallow Freeza (Price: 500yen+tax)

Specifications for Mobaca
・6mm in thickness and weighs only 66g
・Useable for both Androids and iPhones
・2500mAh which allows full recharge for once (*not guaranteeing all types of mobiles)
・Can be reused for about 500times
Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Ion Polymer
Chargeable amount: 2500mAh
Output: DC 5V/0.8-1.0A
Life of battery: about 500times
Size: W62*H92mm*D6.6mm
Weight: 66g