“Yuri!!! on ICE” Yuri Katsuki, Victor, Yuri Plisetsky Imaged Sandals and Umbrellas are On Sale


Umbrellas are imaged from Opening and Ending theme!

SuperGroupies is selling “Yuri!!! on ICE” collaborated sandals and umbrellas. Price for sandals are 16,800yen + tax and umbrellas are 6,800yen + tax.

 3 models, imaged from 3 characters Yuri Katsuki, Victor and Yuri Plisetsky are coming. Sandals are cutely designed with pearls, bijoux and studs.

 Umbrellas are designed with images of opening theme and ending theme. They are designed as if they were illustrated with watercolor paintings, and can be both used as umbrellas and sunshades.

 Subscription period:April 4 ~ 30
Items arrival period = around beginning of August

Yuri Katsuki model
Upper, innersole: synthetic leather, Pearl: acryl, Buckle: brass, Outsole: synthetic rubber, Heel: ABS resin

Victor Nikiforov model
Upper, innersole: synthetic leather, Pearl, Bijoux: acryl, Buckle: brass, Outsole: synthetic rubber, Heel: ABS resin

 Yuri Plisetsky model
Upper, innersole: synthetic leather, Metallic parts, Buckle: brass, Outsole: synthetic rubber

Central tube: steel, Ribs:        optical fibre, Handle: synthetic leather, Cloth: polyester

Sandals: S-size (22~22.5cm), M-size (23~23.5cm), L-size (24~24.5cm), XL-size (25~25.5xm)
Umbrellas: Free

 Yuri Katsuki

yurionice002-250x375 yurionice003-250x375

yurionice005-250x375 yurionice004-250x375


yurionice007-250x375 yurionice0081-250x375




yurionice031-250x375 yurionice032-250x375


Victor Nikiforov
yurionice011-250x375 yurionice012-250x375

yurionice013-250x375 yurionice014-250x375

yurionice015-250x375 yurionice018-250x375

yurionice016-250x375 yurionice017-250x375


yurionice042-250x375 yurionice047-250x375

 yurionice043-250x375 yurionice044-250x375

yurionice045-250x375 yurionice046-250x375


Yuri Plisetsky

yurionice020-250x375 yurionice021-250x375

yurionice022-250x375 yurionice023-250x375

yurionice024-250x375 yurionice025-250x375

yurionice026-250x375 yurionice027-250x375

yurionice036-250x375 yurionice041-250x375

yurionice037-250x375 yurionice038-250x375

yurionice039-250x375 yurionice040-250x375