“Cardcaptor Sakura” is Releasing Sakura’s Costume Imaged “Basket Bag”


Bags are made with abaca and suitable to be used in summer!

SuperGroupies has collaborated with “Cardcaptor Sakura” and releasing 2 types of basket bags, Cherie Fleur model and Stella Mille Feuille model. Both prices are 12,800yen + tax.

 2types of bags, imaged from Sakura Kinomoto are coming. “Cherie Fleur” model is designed with sakura (cherry) shaped frilled lace with bright red color. “Stella Mille Feuille” model is designed with pure pink color and white pearls on edge.

 Both bags are made from material called abaca, and suitable to be used in summer. Bags are made one by one by craftsmen, and inside of the purses are designed with Sakura Kinomoto, Cerberus and Spinel Sun!


Cherie Fleur model

sakura_002 sakura_003

sakura_004 sakura_005

sakura_006 sakura_007

sakura_008 sakura_009


Stella Mille Feuille model

sakura_010 sakura_011

sakura_012 sakura_013

sakura_014 sakura_015