“Yuri!!! on ICE” Cute Deformed Characters are On Sale as Rubber Straps!


All 14 players are deformed!

movic is selling a new item “Rubber Strap Collection” from TV anime “Yuri!!! on ICE” on April 6. Price for 1 package will be 500yen + tax and price for 1 box (14 packages) is 7,000yen + tax. 

These rubber straps are designed with cute deformed illustrations of 14 characters, including Yuri Katsuki, Victor, Yuri Plisetsky, Phichit, Chris and JJ.

yurionice_0017yurionice_0027 yurionice_0037 yurionice_0046 yurionice_0056 yurionice_0065 yurionice_0075 yurionice_0084 yurionice_0094 yurionice_0104 yurionice_0113 yurionice_0123 yurionice_0133 yurionice_0143



*purchasing 1 box will not guarantee completing all lineups.

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