“Spirited Away” No-Face Eats Your Money! No-Face Coin Bank is Coming!


His unique voices and song are recorded!

No-Face’s coin bank will be on sale from Ghibli anime “Spirited Away”. The sales period is around May 20 and will be available at Donguri Kyouwakoku and online shop. The price will be 4,800yen + tax.

No-Face eats your coin when you put your money on his plate. He starts moving when the weight on the plate becomes more than 30g, and his unique voice, song and sound of burp will be played!

 To make it look like it has came out of the movie, the song and sounds were used from the actual movie. Even his teeth are carefully made to look like original character.
kaonashi_001 kaonashi_002


“Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi Kao Nashi Musha Musha Chokin Bako
*Spirited Away No-Face’s Munching Coin Bank

Price: 4,800yen + tax
Material: ABS
Size W80*H210*D160mm
*2 AA size batteries are needed. Battery is sold separately.

 ©Studio Ghibli