‘Attack on Titan’s Eren and Levi Inspired Tote-Bags and Bracelets On Sale

2016.07.04 <PASH! PLUS+>

Simple unisex designs that are highly accessible for fans

©Hajime Isayama・Kodansha/Attack on Titan Production Committee

     Broadcast info on the second season of TV Anime Attack on Titan has been announced. And to the excitement of fans, character inspired tote bags and bracelets are set to be released soon as well. The line-up is inspired by two  characters; protagonist Eren Yeager and Levi. 

     The tote bags and bracelets are designed to be unisex. These elegant bags come with a design resembling Eren’s basement key and Levi’s crest from the Survey Corps. The high quality bracelets are made with leather and are adorned with the wings of the Survey Corps.

     These four products will tickle the hearts of ‘Attack on Titan’ fans, and add some attitude to your everyday fashion. Pre-orders start July 24, 2016. Don’t miss your chance to check them out. 

     Details :

     ■’Attack of Titan Tote Bags (Two types :Eren Yeager and Captain Levi)
Price : 9,800 yen (each) + tax

     ■’Attack of TitanBracelets (Two types:Eren Yeager and Captain Levi)
     Price :6,200 yen (each) + tax

     Pre-order sales period : July 4 (Mon) – 24 (Sun) 2016
     Estimated arrival date : At the beginning of October
     Website : http://www.super-groupies.com/feature/detail.php?id=288

     Sales Agency : Anyware                                                         
     Manufacturer :SuperGroupies

     ◆ Eren Yeager – Tote Bag 

     erenBAG_20160704_040 erenBAG_20160704_050 erenBAG_20160704_020

    erenBAG_20160704_010  erenBAG_20160704_030 erenBAG_20160704_000
      erenBAG_20160704_060 erenladies_20160704_130

     Captain Levi – Tote Bag
     leviBAG_20160704_050 leviBAG_20160704_030 leviBAG_20160704_010
      leviBAG_20160704_060 leviBAG_20160704_000 leviBAG_20160704_020
     leviBAG_20160704_040 leviBAG_20160704_070 leviladies_20160704_150

     Eren Yeager – Bracelet

     erenB_20160704_010 erenB_20160704_040 erenB_20160704_030
      erenB_20160704_060 erenB_20160704_050 erenB_20160704_000

     erenB_20160704_020 erenladies_20160704_180 erenmens_20160704_150

     Captain Levi – Bracelet

     leviB_20160704_010 leviB_20160704_040 leviB_20160704_030
      leviB_20160704_060 leviB_20160704_050 leviB_20160704_000
     leviB_20160704_020 leviladies_20160704_020 levilamens_20160704_090

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