Cool ‘Joker Game’ Anime Themed Goods Now Accepting Orders

2016.06.15 <PASH! PLUS+>

Exciting 'Joker Game' goods includes mugs and t-shirts.

©Koji Yanagi・Kadokawa/Joker Game Animation Project

     Starting June 14th, 2016, you can order original products based off the TV animation series, Joker Game. The items that are now available for purchase are the following two items.  

     ◆ Joker Game Mug 

     joker20160615_003 joker20160615_004

     Inspired by the ‘D-Agency’, this ultra cool mug has an elaborate illustration of a joker decorating the mug cup. Simple yet stylish, you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee while all eyes admire your mug. 

     ◆ -D-T-shirt
     joker20160615_006 joker20160615_007

     The T-shirt has designs including the main characters like Lieutenant Yuuki, Lieutenant Sakuma, Miyoshi, Kaminaga, Odagiri, Amari, Hatano, Jitsui, Fukumoto and Tazaki.

     Wish to get your hands on these exclusive items? Then visit the online shopping site ‘AMNIBUS’.


     Original products from the TV anime series the ‘Joker Game’

Joker Game : Mug
     Cost : 1,800 yen + tax

     ■ -D-T- Shirt
     Cost : 2,980 yen + tax

     Orders accepted from : June 14th, 2016.
     Website :

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