From TV Anime ‘Divine Gate’ Come Classy Shoulder Bags and Card Cases

2016.05.27 <PASH! PLUS+>

Designs Based On Akane And Aoto♪

©Gung Ho Online Entertainment/Divine Gate World Council

     Shoulder bags and cardpass cases with designs of Akane and Aoto from the TV anime Divine Gate have been released as a SuperGroupies exclusive merchandise.

     You can remove the strap of the shoulder bagto use as a tote bag while the card pass case has an attached strap so you can hang it anywhere. Both of these items are designed for daily use and hence can be used very regularly and with ease.

     Pre-ordering is from May 27 until June 19, 2016. Those who are interested should check out their special web page for more details.


     ‘Divine Gate’ Shoulder Bag and Card Pass Case (Akane model/Aoto model)

     ■ Akane model
     Shoulder Bag

     Card Case

     ■ Aoto model
     Shoulder Bag
     dgbp_ao_20160527_008dgbp_ao_20160527_014 dgbp_ao_20160527_009

     Card Case

Booking period : May 27 to June 19, 2016
     Scheduled Product Delivery : Around the end of August 2016
     Price : Shoulder Bag 8,800 yen + taxes (each), Pass Case 3,500 yen + taxes
     Size : Free size
     Sold By : Aniware
     Made By: SuperGroupies


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