‘Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon’ Out With New HQ Chibiusa and Pegasus Helios Figurine

2016.06.16 <PASH! PLUS+>

Premium Bandai will be accepting pre-order reservations from June 17th, 2016

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     Looking for some new Sailor Moon character goods? Then you will definitely want to check this out. The special collection shop within Premium Bandai, known as Tamashii Web shop (魂ウェブ商店), is now coming out with a new collector item from the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon series. The most recent product is a beautiful 3D diorama figurine with Chibiusa and Pegasus Helios as the main characters. It is called Figuarts Zero choette- inside Chibiusa and Helios’ dream, and reservations will open from June 17th, 2016.


     This beautiful figurine is the second figurine to have been made for the Figuarts Zero choette series. The 3D diorama captures Chibusa, the future daughter of Neo-Queen Serenity, alongside Helios in his pegasus form, who is the guardian of the sacred land Elysion.


      It is a magical scene that is portrayed when the two of them first meet one another. With intricate details in the layers of Chibusa’s skirt, to the fine details of Helios’ feathers, the figurine is truly a piece of art that brings out the dreamy and fantastical world of Sailor Moon to life.

     Other fine details include the silver engraving that reads, ‘Chibi-Usa&Helios‘ on the diorama base portion. The beautiful details and elegant engraving, gives the figurine a very stylish and polished look which will be the perfect decoration to add to your spaces. You can finally embrace your inner Sailor Moon with this perfect 3D diorama figurine♪

     sirlormoon_20160616_image03 sirlormoon_20160616_image05

     Details :

     ‘Figuarts Zero choette- inside Chibiusa and Helios’ dream’ 


     Price : 6,912 yen (tax included) (additional costs for shipping+handling)
     For ages : 15 years and older
     Available for purchase at Bandai’s official shopping site ‘Premium Bandai’ and other shops.
     Reservation period : June 17th, 2016- 
     ※ The deadline for the reservation period will be announced on the shopping site at a later time.

     The product is scheduled for delivery in : January 2017

     url : http://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000104674/?rt=pr

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     ※Please be aware that the details and the product itself are subject to change without notice.
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