Anime ‘Kiznaiver’ out with Gomorin plush toy and a Niko smart phone pouch

2016.04.19 <PASH! PLUS+>

See your favorite 'Kiznaiver' mascots in 3D

ⒸTRIGGER・Mari Okada/ Kizunaiba Production Committee

     Attention Kiznaiver fans as we’ve got some hot news on the 2016 new TV anime. Now you have a chance to get one step closer to some of
your favorite Kiznaiver characters. Gomorin, known as Sugomori City’s mascot, is now available for purchase as a big plush toy. Plus, the bunny rabbit smart phone pouch that Niko Niiyama carries around, is also going to be available for you very soon.

     Just like in the anime series, every tiny detail that makes Gomorin such an adorable character, is included in this plush toy. Designed in a sitting position, he will make the perfect addition to keep you company at your office desk, or along with your fun collection of character goods.

     kizunanui20160418_05 kizunanui20160418_09

     This adorable Niko’s bunny rabbit smart phone pouch is not only perfect in measures of snuggliness, you can actually carry your cell phone around in the pouch. Looking for a cute accessory? Then this pouch will be the perfect choice.

     kizunanui20160418_01 kizunanui20160418_02 

     Check them out and have a blast using your new ‘Kiznaiver’ character goods!

     Details :
     ‘Kiznaiver’ Gomorin plush toy and Niko’s bunny rabbit smart phone pouch


     Sale date : Scheduled for end of July 2016
     Main body size : 
     Gomorin  W220xH240mm (Sitting position) 
unny rabbit pouch  W140×H245mm
     Suggested retail price : 
     Gomorin  4,500 yen + tax 
     Bunny rabbit pouch  4,000 yen + tax

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