‘Osomatsu-san’ High-Grade ‘Karamatsu’ Sunglasses are here from ‘Yamamori Glasses’

2016.04.26 <PASH! PLUS+>

Reproduced With Excellent Quality from the Expert Craftsmen of Sabae, the Holy Land of Eyewear

ⒸFujio Akatsuka/Osomatsu-san Production Committee

     From eyeglass frame manufacturer, Yamamori Glasses in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, comes Ka
ramatsu‘s Sunglasses. These of course are worn by Karamatsu, the second son of the Matsuno sextuplets, from the hit TV anime Osomatsu san. Pre-orders have started from 1 pm on April 26, 2016 at the Premium Bandai site (http://p-bandai.jp/?rt=pr).

     These sunglasses are made by veteran frame maker Yamamori Glasses of Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture. Approximately 90% of eyeglass wearers in Japan wear Yamanori Glasses.

     These bold sunglasses are a single-lense type, with smooth three-dimensional glass, produced by the craftsmen of  Sabae. The rimless style gives it a high quality look. In addition, the name Karamatsu is carved on the frame, along with an engraving of Karamatsu’s trademark skull and crossbones from his belt. Not only that, a lens cloth in the style of Karamatsu’s tanktop is included as part of the set. This is a must have item for Osomatsu-san Karamatsu fans.

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     All you Karamatsu fans out there, wear these and get your own Karamatsu Girls!

     Details :

     Karamatsu Sunglasses from Osomatsu-san

     URL : http://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000104153/?rt=pr
     Price : 11,340 yen (including tax) (Shipping and handling not included)
     Targeted Age : 15 years and above
     Contains : Sunglasses, Special Karamatsu Lens Cloth, Special Glasses Case
     Sold From : Bandai’s Official Shopping Site ‘Premium Bandai’, other sites not yet decided.
     Reservation Period : April 26 1 pm until the stock runs out
     Product Arrival : August 8, 2016

     * Check the sales webpage for the latest information and details.
     * Sale in effect only while supplies last.
     * Sale may be concluded even after accessing the website.
     * Commodity specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
     * Commission charges are separate in case of cash-on-delivery, convenience store payment, NP deferred payment.
     * The product photographed is in development, actual product may differ slightly.

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