‘One Punch Man’ Releases a Line of Character Styled Timepieces

2016.05.13 <PASH! PLUS+>

Lineup Includes Saitama, Genos and Sonic Models.

ⒸONE・Yusuke Murata/Shueshia・Hero Association

     One Punch Man collectable wristwatches, based on the popular anime’s characters, are ready for you. The official Hero Association watches come in three types; A Saitama Model, Genos Model and Sonic Model.

     Each watch comes with a nylon belt in each character’s respective colors. In addition, there are special icons near 12 and 6 on the watch faces. Saitama’s has his belt fastener and a punch mark. Genos’s has his Energy Core and fire from his Incineration Cannons. Sonic’s has a shuriken and ninja blade.

  Now you can walk about town with the dependable heroes on your wrist.

     Details :

     One Punch Man Collaboration Wrist Watches – SuperGroupies

Saitama Model

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     Genos Model

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     Sonic Model

wanpanman20160513_047 wanpanman20160513_049 wanpanman20160513_048 wanpanman20160513_052 wanpanman20160513_055 wanpanman20160513_056 wanpanman20160513_054

     Website : http://www.super-groupies.com/feature/detail.php?id=261

     Sold From :Aniwear

     Distributed By :SuperGroupies

     Pre-order Period :May 13 to June 5, 2016

     Estimated Delivery :Around October 2016

     Retail Price :11,800 yen plus tax

     ※Orders will be taken only as supplies last 

     ※The above are sample photos. Actual product may vary.

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