Those ‘King of Prism’ by PrettyRhythm advance ticket images are now on button badges

2015.12.08 <PASH! PLUS+>

Both versions will be on sale at theaters

© T-ARTS/ syn Sophia / KING OF PRISM Production Committee

     The movie, King of Prism by PrettyRhythm, has produced original button badges specifically for their movie version. The button badges measure in at 40mm and come in a set of 5 along with a special mount; two types A and B will be sold.

     The button badge illustrations are based on the illustrations on the advanced limited edition tickets that went on sale. Set A is the “Full dress ver.” and set B is the “Fluffy muffler ver.”

Button badge set A “Full dress ver.”

Button badge set B “Fluffy muffler ver.”

     The much talked about advanced ticket illustrations will now be available on these cool goods! Both the revealing set A and the cute set B can be obtained at the theatre for your wearing and collecting pleasure!



KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm

ROADSHOW: January 9 (Sat), 2016 at Shinjuku Wald 9, and in the theaters across the country

Twitter: @kinpri_PR


   Original piece = Takara Tomy Arts, Syn Sophia

   Director = Masakazu Hishida

   Screenplay = Jo Aoba
   CG director = Yoshirio Otobe

   Character draft and design = Mai Matsuura  

   Prism show production = Takahiko Kyogoku

   Production = Tatsunoko
Distribution = Avex Pictures Inc 

   Courtesy = Takara Tomy Arts Company Ltd 

   Production = KING OF PRISM production partnership

   Miha Makoji = Tetsuya Kakihara

   Hayami Hiro = Tomoaki Maeno

   Nishina Kazuki = Toshiki Masuda
   Ichijou Shin = Junta Terashima

   Tachibana Yukinojyou = Souma Saito

   Kagami Tiger = Tasuku Hatanaka

   Juoin Kakeru = Taku Yashiro

   Takahashi Minato = Igarashi Masashi
   Saionji Reo = Takuma Nagatsuka
   Yu Suzuno = Yuma Uchida

   Kisaragi Rui = Shota Aoi

   Yamato Alexander = Jyunsuke Takeuchi

   Norizuki Jin = Miki Shinichiro

■KING OF PRISM button badges
   Set A and Set B
 (Set of 5)
   Price: 2,000 yen (+ tax) each

* Movie original products. 

* As quantity is limited, it may be out-of-stock.

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