‘Osomatsu–san’ Action Figures from ‘Figma’ are Out

2016.03.17 <PASH! PLUS+>

Sextuplets Come With 2 Facial Expressions and Movable Parts

ⒸFujio Akatsuka/Osomatsu-san Production Committee
     A collection of action figures by figma, for the popular anime series Osomatsu-san, has been re
leased by Orange Rouge. This time the line-up includes; Osomatsu Matsuno, Karamatsu Matsuno, Choromatsu Matsuno, Ichimatsu Matsuno, Jyushimatsu Matsuno and Todomatsu Matsuno. Pre-orders for the six Matsus will officially start from March 17, 2016.

     ● figma Osomatsu Matsuno

     ● figma Karamatsu Matsuno

     ● figma Choromatsu Matsuno

     ● figma Ichimatsu Matsuno

     ● figma Jyushimatsu Matsuno

     ● figma Todomatsu Matsuno

     The size of each figure is approximately 12 cm. With the figures’ smooth yet posable joints, you can make a variety of different scenes and movements. A flexible plastic is used for important areas, allowing proportions to be kept without compromising movement. A figma stand is also included,which allows for various poses to be taken.

     All six Matsuno brothers come with various facial expressions. figma Osomatsu comes with a smiling face and a mischievous face, figma Karamatsu comes with a composed face and a stylish face, figma Choromatsu comes with a worried expression and a flustered expression, figma Ichimatsu comes with an expressionless face and a grinning face, figma Jyushimatsu comes with a smiling face and a nervous face, and figma Todomatsu comes with a smiling face and a Totty face.

     In addition, each order that includes two Osomatsu-san figmas (of any combination), will get one Hands in Pockets body part as a pre order bonus from Good Smile Online Shop!

     Play with the six brothers from the Matsno family as figma action figures. You can order a singleMatsu or collect all the six brothers. Bring them home and play by creating various poses!

     Details :

     Osomatsu-san by figma
     osomatufigyua2016031710 osomatufigyua2016031702

     Website :
     figma Osomatsu Matsuno
     figma Karamatsu Matsuno   
     figma Choromatsu Matsuno
     figma Ichimatsu Matsuno
     figma Jyushimatsu Matsuno
     figma Todomatsu Matsuno

     Release Date : October 2016
     Price : 3,900 yen each plus tax
     Technical Specifications : ABS and PVC colored Action Figure (Not to Scale) with stand
     Size : Approx. 120 mm
     Original Designs : Max FactoryShinji Ochinuma
     Production Assistance : Masaki Asai
     Planning Production : Max Factory
     Sold From: Orange Rouge
     Distributed By : Good Smile Company

     ●Good Smile Online Shop
     Pre-order window : March 17 2016 at noon to April 13 at 9 p.m.
     Sales Websites : 
     figma Osomatsu Matsuno
     figma Karamatsu Matsuno
     figma Choromatsu Matsuno
     figma Ichimatsu Matsuno
     figma Jyushimatsu Matsuno
     figma Todomatsu Matsuno

     ※Final Designs are subject to change.
     ※There may be slight differences between the product and the above photos.
     ※The product is hand painted, so there may be slight differences from figure to figure.

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