‘Future GPX Cyber Formula’ TV anime series inspired jackets and Kaga Bleed’s earrings from Acos

2016.04.05 <PASH! PLUS+>

'Future GPX Cyber Formula' themed hooded jackets inspired by Sugo Asurada and Aoi ZIP Formula


     Wanting to add an extra bit of fun in your wardrobe? Then here are some fun ideas you might want
to try out. Cosplay shop ACOS is coming out with two hooded jackets inspired by the anime series, Future GPX Cyber Formula. They even have character Kaga Bleed earrings available for purchase. The character inspired goods will be available in all ACOS and animate shops nationwide. Come check out the product site and enjoy these cool collectables.


     Future GPX Cyber Formula – anime – character inspired goods

     ●Hooded Jackets with Images (Sogo Asurada design)     
     The hooded jacket which belongs to Kazami Hayato, comes with the image of Sugo Asurada. With the vibrant  tones of red, blue and white, you can see ‘SUGO’ written on the front and a big Sugo Asurada mark on the back. With the smooth texture and comfortable fit, this ultra-cool jacket is the perfect choice to make your outfit come together.

Available for purchase around September 8th, 2016.
Price 11,000yentax
Size ML

     saiba20160404_03 saiba20160404_04  

     ● Hooded Jackets with Images (Aoi ZIP Formula Model)
     The hooded jacket which belongs to Bleed Kaga, comes with the image of Aoi ZIP Formula. The bright red ‘Z’ logo on the front and Aoi ZIP Formula mark on the back adds a fun touch to the jacket. Girls and guys will be able to enjoy this comfortable hooded jacket with it’s spunky design 

     Available for purchase around September 8th, 2016
     Price 11,000yentax
Size ML

     saiba20160404_01 saiba20160404_02
 Earrings of Bleed Kaga (an imitation of what he wears)
     First released in 1992, the popular earring are finally back and available for purchase. This coveted item will go with any outfit and is the perfect accessory to make your outfit pop

     Price 1,800yentax
     Available for purchase around July 7th, 2016
     Size overall length 8cm
     Details a set of pair earrings that comes with a case. They are a clip-ons.

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