‘Hunter×Hunter’ HG Kurapika Figurine out with Changing Eye Color

2016.03.31 <PASH! PLUS+>

Scenes of the Kurta Clan’s Scarlet Eye Perfectly Recreated

ⒸPOT (Yoshihiro Togashi) 1998-2011

     From HUNTER×HUNTER the TV anime, comes the popular character Kurapika as a figurine; the newest item in the Next  Vendor’s Innovation series known as HG Kurapika. It is set to be released on March 31, 2016.

     Kurapika, friend of Gon and the protagonist has been perfectly recreated as a figurine who‘s eyes change colors using his trademark “Scarlet Eyes.“ This figure is the first which recreates his special physical condition inherited from his clan, the Kurta, which causes their eyes to turn scarlet when they become emotionally agitated and charged.


     The quality of the construction and color detail is excellent and this HUNTER×HUNTER special item comes with an on and off switch on the stand, which you can use to activate the eyes. This high end, exquisitely detailed figurine which recreates various scenes from the anime is now ready for you to display and enjoy. With Kurapika put together with the previously released HG Gon, HG Bisuke and HG Hisoka, the world of HUNTER×HUNTER comes alive before your very eyes!


     HG Kurapika

     Website :  http://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000103624/?rt=pr

     Price :  4,444 yen plus tax, shipping and processing
     Intended Age :  15 years and up
     Set Includes:1 figure with matching stand,
                  1 changeable wrist part,  1 support pole                           
     Size :  Approx. 135 mm(on stand)
     Sold From :  Exclusively from Premium Bandai, Bandai’s official online shop
     Pre-order sales :  From March 31, 2016 to 11:00 p.m. May 6, 2016
     Estimated Delivery Date :  Scheduled for June 2016

     ※Please check the product’s website for the latest information and details.
     ※Available only while supplies last.
     ※Finite supplies, may be unavailable from website if item is sold out.
     ※Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.
     ※In the event of COD, Payment at Convenience Stores or NP Deferred Payment, processing fees will be    
     ※The above is only a photograph, the actual product may differ slightly.

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