Gintama design socks are ready to rock soon

2016.03.18 <PASH!PLUS+>

Gintoki Sakata and Shinsengumi Style Socks On Sale From Late May.

©Hideaki Sorachi/Shueshia・TV Tokyo・Dentsu・BNP・Aniplex

     Gintama socks based on character design are coming son. They will be available at all 13 ACOS stores
and various Animate stores nationwide beginning late May 2016.

     Two varieties will be available, one based on the design of protagonist Gintoki Sakata and the other based on the Shinsengumi. They are easy to wear and super comfortable so if you’re interested, check the special web page below


     Gintama Design Socks

     website :

     Price 900 yen plus tax per pair
     Sales BeginScheduled for Late May
     Size23 to 25 cm

     Gintoki Sakata Design Socks
     These socks’ designs are patterned off of Gintoki’s kimono. His beloved scooter is knitted on the outside.

gint_g_20160318_001 gint_g_20160318_002 gint_g_20160318_003 gint_g_20160318_005 gint_g_20160318_006
Shinsengumi Image Socks
     These socks have a design representing the Shinsengumi members. They’re adorned with a yellow colored block pattern that give them a cool finished look.

gint_s_20160318_000 gint_s_20160318_001 gint_s_20160318_002 gint_s_20160318_004 gint_s_20160318_005 gint_s_20160318_008

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