‘Osomatsu-san’ Trading Figurines Courtesy of ‘Orange Rouge’

2016.02.24 <PASH!PLUS+>

the 'Oshi-matsu Set' contains 6 identical characters available for advance order

©Fujio Akatsuka / Osomatsu-san production committee

     A sextuplet set of Osomatsu-san mini figurines have been introduced by Orange Rouge, which is brand dedicated to male characters
.  Advance orders for the collectables have started from February 23, 2016.



     ● Choromatsu

     ● Ichimatsu

     ● Jyushimatsu


     If you book at the Good Smile online shop, you will get a special Omatsu pedestal attached (available in six colors).

     Moreover, a limited “Oshimatsu set” is also introduced that contains a total of six figures of your favorite character that you may choose. Original package specifications for this set differ with each character. Advance order will close on March 9 at 9 p.m, so be careful as this item may sell out faster than the usual Box offers.

     Six small sextuplets with individual glowing personalities. Do purchase and take care of them in your home


     Osomatsusan Trading figures (6 total figures)

     Release Month:July, 2016
Price: 600 yen each figure
     Size: Approx. 35mmPrototype
     Production: Shichibe
     Production Assistance: Nendoron
     Planning, Production, and Sales: Good Smile Company
     Selling agency: Orange Rouge

     url :  http://www.goodsmile.info/ja/product/5502/

     ●Advance order at Good Smile online shop

     If you book at Good Smile online shop, you will get a special Matsu pedestal (six colors) attached.

     ※This is a temporary design. Changes may be made.

     Order period:  from February 23 (Tue) 12:00pm to March 23 (Wed) 9:00pm

     Good Smile online shop purchase page:  http://goodsmileshop.com/ja/p/OR_TRF_JP_00001

     ●Oshimatsu set (set of 6 from your one choice)

     Order period:  February 23 (Tue) 12:00 – March 23 (Wed) 9:00pm
     Estimated delivery date: July

     Oshimatsu Set Osomatsu Ver.http://goodsmileshop.com/ja/p/OR_TRF_JP_00002
     Oshimatsu Set Karamatsu Ver.http://goodsmileshop.com/ja/p/OR_TRF_JP_00003
     Oshimatsu Set Choromatsu Ver.http://goodsmileshop.com/ja/p/OR_TRF_JP_00004
     Oshimatsu Set Ichimatsu Ver.http://goodsmileshop.com/ja/p/OR_TRF_JP_00005
     Oshimatsu Set Jushimatsu Ver.http://goodsmileshop.com/ja/p/OR_TRF_JP_00006
     Oshimatsu Set Todomatsu Ver.http://goodsmileshop.com/ja/p/OR_TRF_JP_00007 

     ※Special Matsu Pedestal (One of each color)contains 6 Pedestals 
     ※Pictures shown may vary slightly from actual product
     ※Product paintwork is done partially by hand, therefore final products may vary slightly

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