‘One Piece’ Luffy dressed in Kabuki attire out as a new figurine

2016.03.01 <PASH!PLUS+>

Pre-order tickets for the Osaka kabuki performance, "Super Kabuki II One Piece" on sale March 1st

IMAGE ©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha・Eiichiro Oda/ Shueisha Super Kabuki II "One Piece" Partners

     See One Piece like you’ve never seen them before. Not only will they be holding a 
kabuki production, but an exclusive Luffy figurine dressed in kabuki style getup is now on sale at Bandai’s official shopping website Premium Bandai!

     This fine product is the newest addition from the figurine series called Portait.Of.Pirates One Piece, and it brings together the essence of the traditional kabuki art form and the exciting world of One Piece.

     Based on the illustrations drawn by designer Eiichiro Oda, a three-dimensional figure was created by MAS, a major creator for P.O.P series and Gen Igarashi. They have created a new and exciting version of Luffy, adding new features as well as keeping his trademark straw hat.


     From the fine details of the pose and facial expression, to the intricate design of the costume, Luffy comes to life in a way that is hard to ignore. The vibrant colors designed by Kenji Ango only adds to the fun and power of the figurine.


     The figurine comes with a black-colored stand as well as a tatefuda sign board with a list of the musical program listed on it. At 19cm tall, you can show Luffy off at your office desk or at your home!

     Since the premiere of “Super Kabuki II One Piece” on October 7, 2015, more that 100,000 people have gone to watch the performance, and this year it will open to the public in Osaka on March 1, 2016 (Tue). Bookings will start on that day as well and will close once the tickets are all sold out. Make sure to get your tickets before they’re all gone!


     Portrait.Of.Pirates One Piece “Kabuki Edition” Monkey D Luffy