“Uta no☆ Prince-sama♪ Repeat LOVE” Trial Version Has Released!


Let’s enjoy prologue, “Eien no Tri Star” and “Mugen no Trinity”♪

©早乙女学園 Illust.倉花千夏、工画堂スタジオ

In January 6, 2017, the trial version of “Uta no☆ Prince-sama♪ Repeat LOVE” has started releasing. The release version will be sold from January 26, 2017.

 In this trial version, you can play prologue, A-level song “Eien no Tri Star” and S-level song “Mugen no Trinity”, which are included in “Uta no☆ Prince-sama♪ Repeat LOVE (release version)”. If you can’t wait until the release day, please enjoy the trial version.

 Furthermore, mini-game called an ‘achievement test’ is also included. Enjoy this while playing the rhythm game.


“Uta no☆ Prince-sama♪ Repeat LOVE”

Release day: January 26, 2017
Normal edition = 5,800yen + tax
Limited edition Shining LOVE BOX = 7,800yen + tax
Premium Princess BOX = 12,800yen + tax


 Trial version
utapuri_20170106_001 utapuri_20170106_002 utapuri_20170106_003

Releasing period: January 6 to January 26, 2017
Releasing at: PlayStation Store