‘Fate/Extella: Umbral Star’ the Upcoming All-Star Game in the ‘Fate’ Series Gives Inside Scoop

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Exclusive Updates on Artoria Pendragon, Battle Hints, Plus Details About Three Servants and More

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     Attention all Fate Series gamers. Their latest greatest offering is here titled Fate/Extella: Umbral Star, and it will be available on PlayStation 4 and Playstation Vita, coming this November 10th, 2016. On the official homepage, there is plenty of updated news about Artoria Pendragon, and all of the other servants that will be in the battle mix, along with details on how to compete with each other to claim territory. Let the all-star battle ensue.

     ■ FateSeries All-Star Battle

     In this Fate series, the characters go beyond all expectations and bring new life to the world of video games. In total, there are 16 Servants so you know it will be an action packed game, filled with imagination. We look forward to this All-Star game edition of ‘Fate’.

     Nero Claudius, Tamamo no Mae, and Altera have already been introduced previously, and now we find out more details about three more Servants.

     ●Artoria PendragonCVAyako Kawasumi


fate20160606_006 fate20160606_007

     Class :Saber
     Noble Phantasm : The Sword of Promised Victory (Excalibur)

     We have heard of the legendary king of Britain known as King Arthur, and this is who she embodies. Though a man in history and legend, it seems like in this world she is the cross-dressing beauty. She holds unbelievable power, and uses it to fight in battles and to protect Britain. She will make her first appearance in this Extra series.

     “I will end this war. I will fight until this is done.”

     ●GilgameshCVTomokazu Seki  
     fate20160606_009 fate20160606_010 

     Class : Archer
     Noble Phantasm : The Star of Creation that Split Heaven and Earth (Enuma Elish)

     A hero of Mesopotamian mythology. He calls himself, ‘the oldest king of heroes.’ Being the oldest in human history, he is ‘the king who became a legend.’ He lives off the blood of a god, and lived among the people. In order to obtain the original Noble Phantasms, he specializes in killing heroes.

‘Muhahaha! The hybrid beings are tirelessly fighting each other again!’

     ●MumeiCVJunichi Suwabe
    fate20160606_012 fate20160606_013
     Class :Archer
     Noble Phantasm : Infinite Creation of Swords (Unlimited Blade Works)

     An unbending spirit of war who cloaks himself in a red. He’s a cool-headed cynic, but is actually very caring. He carries around a bow and arrow, but is also highly competent in hand-to-hand combat. Though he doesn’t have the most powerful Noble Phantasm, he is capable of handling himself and whatever that’s thrown his way.

     ‘Hmm, it was probably some low-life soul that got his ass kicked in the first match. You’re wasting your time asking me.’

     ■System (High-Speed Servant Action)
     The players can creatively move around the battlefield, and it isn’t limited to just the ground. Players are able to avoid their enemies with an aerial dash and even attack their enemies by launching an air raid.

     fate20160606_016 fate20160606_020    

     More violent and aggressive attacks can be avoided by fighting them off with a guard move. The player can move around the battlefield while still controlling a Servant. The player can also combine a variation of weak attacks and strong attacks to make combo attacks. Discover what special and hidden combinations you can do to take down your enemies.

     fate20160606_018 fate20160606_019

     ■‘Area Supremacy Battle’
     Each camp is separated into ‘Sectors’. In order to gain control of a certain Sector, you must obtain keys known as a ‘Regime Matrix.’ The player can either focus on prioritizing attacks from a Sector, or to go into a fight while protecting their own Sector that is being targeted by an enemy. You win if you collect 15 Regime Matrices, but you must remember that each Sector has a different number of keys. Now go and collect the keys and see if you can win this battle.

     fate20160606_022 fate20160606_023 

      ■’Extella Maneuver’
     Known as the ‘Extella Maneuver’, this is a special attack that can only be triggered by consuming a gauge. The attack can damage other enemies surrounding the main enemy that’s being targeted. Plus, you can increase the level of damage, by consuming more gauge during an attack which will allow you to attack continuously.

     fate20160606_002 fate20160606_003

     ■‘Data Share’
     By using the PlayStation Network, you can upload your PS4 or Vita’s saved data and transfer it between different platforms, which is known as a ‘Cross-Save’. Plus, by using the Ad-hoc mode in the PS Vita version, you will be able to exchange your profile card with other players.

     You can also get cool additional items to use in the game if the saved data from a PS Vita version is transferred into the PlayStation 4 version.


     Details :

     Fate/Extella: Umbral StarFate Series All-Star Game

     Genre :High Speed Servant Action
     Game Platform :PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita
     Number of players :1
     Sale date :November 10th, 2016 (expected date of release)
     Price :
          Premium Limited edition 19,990yen+tax、
          PS4 Limited edition 9,980yen+tax、
          PS4 Regular version 7,980yen+tax、
          PSVita Limited edition 8,980yen+tax、
          PSVita Regular version 6,980yen+tax
          Cero : Scheduled for Review

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