“D・T・I” Is A Music Game Application To `Undress` Handsome Idols


Taku Yashiro, Tasuku Hatanaka, Kazuki Narumi, Daiki Hamano, Natsuki Hanae and Takehito Koyasu are performing!


Information about an app game which Hakusensha and Pony Canyon are collaborating has arrived. The game is called “Fast undressing growing game IDOL D・T・I ”(provisional). We are now introducing about this remarkable product!

 It is originated from a manga “IDOL D・T・I” by Touka Akiharu, still being serialized in “Monthly LaLa”, published by Hakusensha. This shocking manga is about paired idols who were called `Undressing Idols`, one has `Power to undress` and another is playing role as `Undressing model`. They are undressing each other to compete their `beautifulness of undressing` with rivals to be a better idol.
DTI_gensaku_20161226_002-250x358 DTI_gensaku_20161226_003-250x358

Hakusensha and Pony Canyon are now making a music game app based on this manga. 6 voice actors from young to adult are casted as handsome idols: Taku Yashiro, Tasuku Hatanaka, Kazuki Narumi, Daiki Hamano, Natsuki Hanae and Takehito Koyasu. Here are the comments from each cast.

Taku Yashiro (as Akari Hinose)
DTI_chara_20161226_akari-250x250 DTI_cast_20161226_001yashiro-250x375

`It’s getting colder, but I’m trying my best to let this game undress everybody!`


Tasuku Hatanaka (as Mikoto Kugane)
DTI_chara_20161226_mikoto-250x250 DTI_cast_20161226_002hatanaka-250x333

`I’ll undress my feeling to act with my naked heart! I’ll try my best! Thank you!`


Kazuki Narumi (as Kaito Aizaki)

‘I’m happy and honored to be in such an originative, avant-garde and innovative game’


Daiki Hamano (as Shion Fukamura)

` IDOL D・T・I… please look at this deep-sea kind of mysterious world. Salt will show you the real D・T・I `


Natsuki Hanae (as桜白波光貴)

`I’m used to undressing, so I will undress to the limit. Let’s undress together!`


Takehito Koyasu (as Hisuimaru Hosho)

`The concept of undressing was fascinating for me, but it turned out that GUYS are undressing! Well, that will do for me too (laugh)`


Since this app will be a music game, music used in the game will be sung by the casts. We can’t imagine how the music will turn out.

 This game is about harmonizing with music and tap the screen to make the idols to `undress` `fast`. The point you get or the rank you reach will `grow` characters, and new character or music will be unlocked. This game can be played as `music game` and `growing game` at the same time.

 The service starts from spring in 2017. Let’s wait for follow-up information.



Fast undressing growing game IDOL D・T・I (provisional)

 Original Work = Touka Akiharu (serializing in “Monthly LaLa”)
Co-production = Hakusensha / Pony Canyon


Akari Hinose = Taku Yashiro
Mikoto Kugane = Tasuku Hatanaka
Kaito Aizaki = Kazuki Narumi
Shion Fukamura = Daiki Hamano
桜白波光貴 = Natsuki Hanae
Hisuimaru Hosho = Takehito Koyasu