Special In-Game ‘Divine Gate × Osomatsu-san‘ Collaboration Has Begun

2016.07.22 <PASH! PLUS+>

The sextuplets appear in various unit ☆ Get a special Totty by clearing your first collaboration mission♪ 

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     The 6 Matsuno boys are appearing in a special Divine Gate event! The popular game Divine Gate has begun a collaboration with TV animation Osomatsu-san.

     In this collaboration, specialOsomatsu-san avatars appear in the game. You can make friends with the 6 Osomatsu-san characters including Osomatsu, Karamatsu, Choromatsu, Ichimatsu, Jyushimatsu, and Todomatsu by using these avatars. 

     DGosomatsu_003_20160722_ DGosomatsu_004_20160722_ DGosomatsu_005_20160722_       
      DGosomatsu_006_20160722_ DGosomatsu_007_20160722_ DGosomatsu_008_20160722_              
     DGosomatsu_009_20160722_  DGosomatsu_010_20160722_ DGosomatsu_011_20160722_
     DGosomatsu_012_20160722_ DGosomatsu_013_20160722_

     Furthermore, you will see Osomatsu-san characters in Divine Gate get-ups. Osomatsu as Loki, Karamatsu as Lancelot, Choromatsu as Oz, Ichimatsu as Evil Arthur, Jushimatsu as Santa Claus, and Todomatsu as Ariton. Now is your chance to get this rare character unit during this special collaboration. Don’t miss it♪

     DGosomatsu_014_20160722_ DGosomatsu_015_20160722_ DGosomatsu_016_20160722_ 
     DGosomatsu_017_20160722_ DGosomatsu_018_20160722_ DGosomatsu_019_20160722_

     If you see 9 of these rare collaboration avatars in a row, you will immediately get a ‘Tinker-Ichi’ avatar.


     In the collaboration area of the game, the ‘Fish idol : Totoko’ is a boss. Definitely try to win against her. What’s more, somewhere in the event area, ‘Kamimatsu’ serves as a guerrilla boss. If you defeat him in battle, he will be constantly be at your side.

     DGosomatsu_022_20160722_ DGosomatsu_023_20160722_

     In addition, a limited time special mission is also waiting for you. Clear the mission and get a coin or tip. Plus, after clearing the first area mission, you will be rewarded with a collaboration exclusive ‘Totty’!!


     There is also a tweet campaign to get game items via lottery, being carried out online! For details, check the official website♪

     The Osomatsu-san collaboration offer is for a limited time; from today, July 22 to August 5, 2016 at 10:59 a.m. We hope you enjoy this unique collaboration.

     Details :

     ‘Divine Gate × Osomatsu-san’ In-Game Collaboration Event

Offer : From July 22 (Fri) at 11 a.m. to August 5 (Fri), 2016 at 10:59 a.m.
     Website :http://divine.gungho.jp/member/collabo/osomatsusan/
     Twitter :@divine_gate(Official Divine Gate feed)

     ◆An image introducing the ‘Osomatsu-san’ collaboration and Tweet campaign


     Website :http://divine.gungho.jp/member/collabo/osomatsusan/160722_twitter_cp.html

     * For more details regarding the campaign, visit the official site.

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