TV Commercial for ‘Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! LOVE! GAME!’ Hits the Small Screen July 8☆

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Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! LOVE!'s first episode hits TVs soon

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     The Broadcast of Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! LOVE! Starts on July 8, 2016, on TV Tokyo and the likes.  The first edition of the smart phone game developed for this anime, called ‘Cute High Earth Defense Club  LOVE! LOVE! GAME!,’ will release its first TV Commercial.   

     The TV Commercial will introduce a character called Hakone Yumoto (CV : Kazuomi Yamamoto), who will walk us through the game screen or the reward scenes, when various levels are cleared.

     Furthermore, ‘Cute High Earth Defense Club  LOVE! LOVE! GAME!’ is an updated version of ‘Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! GAME!’     
     In accordance with the actual updates, puzzle games and new characters will also be introduced!


     New  puzzle
game with an original story!

New puzzle games have been added which enable the gamer to enjoy 2 games in one app. Puzzle games have cute super deformed characters, and have just the one simple rule of erasing the blocks. 


     Further, if you win the puzzle game, you can read an original story. The story reward is attached with a voiceover and stills. So make your challenge at the puzzle battle with a nice story featuring your favorite characters! 


     New Anime twin characters are added, along with brand-new game only characters

Also, the newly introduced characters of Cute High Earth Defense Club  LOVE! LOVE!, namely Tsukihiko Beppu (CV : Keisuke Kawamoto) and Yoshihiko Beppu (CV: aMurakami) will participate in the game. We can check what kind of character appears in the game♪
     Further, original character Keshibu Rock, is expected to participate in the game ☆

     ● Keshibu Rock


     A first year student who belongs to the Binanko High School Puzzle Club.
     He has good looks, but a bad personality.  In fact, he does not have any special characteristics apart from his interest in puzzles, but he is said to have exceptional power and therefore he is stuck in the gap between dreams and reality. His mesh hair is his pride, but he wears a black wig at school.

     Preview Download Campaign 

Before its added to the puzzle game, the players who download Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! GAME! from the official website and create an account, will receive a ‘Goura Block’ painted by a character called Goura Hakone as a gift. The Goura Block can be put to use in the puzzle game, So let’s get to it and download it. 



     The second season ‘Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! LOVE!’ will be showing the ever approaching climax. The Anime and Game do combine in this mission♥


Details :

     ‘Cute High Earth Defense Club  LOVE! LOVE! GAME!’


     Genre :Love Puzzle RPG 
     Platform : iPhone/Android 
     Cost : Free (For sale items also available)
     Service Commencement :February 26, 2015
     Scheduled Update : Summer 2016
     Developed and Managed by :NHN PlayArt

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     ■ Cute High Earth Defense Club  LOVE! LOVE!

     Broadcast Info : 
     TV Tokyo/Starts July 7, airing late Thursdays at 2:35 am
     ※ July 7 Broadcast is of episode 1 only at 3:05 am                                 
     TV Osaka/Starts July 8, airing late Saturdays at 2:30 am                        
     TV Aichi/Starts July 11, airing late Mondays at 2:05 am                                
     BSジャパン Starts July 10, airing late Sundays at 12:35 am
     AT-X/ Starts July 13, airing late Sundays at 11:30 am (Repeat Broadcasts every late Friday at 3:30 pm, Sunday at 5:30 pm and Tuesday at 7:30 am)

     Staff :
     Original Creator : Kurari Umadani
     Director : Shinji Takamatsu
     Series Composition : Michiko Yokote
     Design Concepts :  Chizuru Miyawaki
     Character Design : Yumiko Hara
     Sub Character Designer&Prop Design : Tomoko Miyakawa
     General Animation Director : Tomoko  Miyakawa・Atsuko Takahashi 
     Art Director : Masatoshi Muto
     Color Setting :  Yuko Tsumori
     Director of Photography : Hiroaki Tanaka 
     CG Supervisor : Isao Numajiri
     Editing : Toshihiko Kojima 
     Music : yamazo
     Music Production : Pony Canyon
     Sound Production : Shinji Takamatsu 
     Production : Studio Comet

     Cast : 
     Yumoto Hakone : Kazutomi Yamamoto
     En Yufuin : Yuuichiro Umehara
     Atsushi Kinagawa : Kotaro Nishiyama
     Io Naruko : Yusuke Shirai
     Ryu Zao : Toshiki Masuda
     Wombat : Mugihito
     Goura Hakone : Tomokazu Sugita 
     Kinshiro Kusatsu : Hiroshi Kamiya 
     Ibushi Arima : Jun Fukuyama 
     Akoya Gero : Takuma Terashima 
     Akihiko Beppu : Keisuke Kawamoto
     Haruhiko Beppu : Yoshiki Murakami 

     Website :

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