Hugely Popular ‘Sen no Kaizoku × Seven Deadly Sins’ Collaboration Finally Reaches the Last Half of Battle

2016.06.07 <PASH! PLUS+>

New character additions of King and Hendrickson

©SEGA ©Nakaba Suzuki・Kodansha/ Seven Deadly Sins Production Committee・MBS

     Distributors of the popular iOs and Android ocean adventure battle game Sen No Kaizoku, are partnering with the popular TV anime The Seven Deadly Sins until July 14, 2016.

     Starting July 7, the event will enter the latter stage of battle where you can enjoy the original story’s finale.   
Also Sins’ characters ‘King’ will be added in to the ‘Seven Deadly Sins Collaboration Toy Dispenser’ and ‘Hendrickson’ in to the ‘Seven Deadly Sins Point Toy Dispenser’ in the event.

★ 5 King (Flight soldier shield soldier) CV : Jun Fukuyama
     ‘I promise to come back to you no matter what.’ 

     A member of the Seven Deadly Sins with the Sin of Sloth (Grizzly Sin). He loves Diane but dares not to reveal it to her. He is considered a character with considerable common sense compared to Meliodas and Ban. 

     Flight soldier skills: Form four “Sunflower” / Inflicts medium damage on enemies within specified range. The damage range is up to 3 hits. 
Shield soldier skills: Form five “Increase” / Slices through the enemies and inflicts medium damage. The damage is up to 3 hits.

     5 Hendrickson (Sword soldier, Magic soldier, twin sword soldier) CV : Yuya Uchida
     ‘You need not know’

     One of the two great Holy Knights of the Liones Kingdom. He intends to revive the sealed demon tribe to fight with the “New generation” of Holy Knights. He himself attains the blood of the demon tribe to acquire the power, to overwhelm the Seven Deadly Sins. 

     Sword soldier skills : Hellblaze / Shoots one magic bullet to the enemy and inflicts major damage on the enemy’s surroundings. 
     Magic soldier skills : Dark Ring / Inflicts major damage on the enemy within range.
     Twin sword soldier : Acid Down / Inflicts medium damage on the enemy within range and lowers attacking force, defensive force and attacking speed. 

     *all the collaborating characters can be acquired in all the sea areas and will be increased 50% during the event.

     Note that PASH! PLUS has information below on the best ways to attaining victory in the final battles during part 2 of this special game collaboration.♪

     ∎ ‘Sen no Kaizoku’ × ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ Collaboration Quest, Part 2 
     Duration : July 7th  from 6 pm until July 14th 2 pm.

     During this period you can enjoy the story where characters from ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ will play an active role in the world of ‘Sen no Kaizoku’. As you get further and further into the story, you can capture ‘Hawk Mama’ as a pirate ship and ‘Hawk’ as a subordinate pirate ship. Also, you can earn ‘Sin Points,’ that can be acquired during the quest and get a chance to get collaboration characters or items by taking a shot at the ‘Seven Deadly Sins Point Toy Dispenser Game!’

     United Front Quest
     ‘Hendrickson (demon transformation)’ appears as the boss in the second half. 
     The quest to challenge the boss, continuing from the first half, is a ‘United Front Quest.’ A stamina gauge which all users can influence, has been set to the boss. The stamina gauge declines whenever any user defeats the boss. You can challenge the ‘United Front Quest’ multiple times so you can appear again after the gauge declines to 0. Also, whenever the stamina gauge declines to 0, a ‘Seven Deadly Sins Toy Dispenser Ticket’ which can be used in the Toy Dispenser Game, will be presented to that user who has emptied the stamina gauge. You can draw a ‘Seven Deadly Sins Ticket Toy Dispenser’ once by collecting 5 ‘Seven Deadly Sins Toy Dispenser Tickets.’

     Earn ‘Sin Points’ and get rewards! 
As you continue to clear the collaboration quest, you can collect ‘Sin Points.’ You can use those points not only for Toy Points, but you can also grab valuable rewards such as collaboration characters and henchmen, by collecting a certain number of points. You can also join the collaboration character ‘★ 5 Elizabeth’ in battle to earn more ‘Sin points’.

     Point rewards
     When the collected ‘Sin Points’ reach a certain level, you can get character ‘wanted posters’ or items free of cost, that can be used to scout the characters. The collection period for point rewards is from June 30 to July 7 at 2 pm.

     Ranking rewards
     The players compete for ranking order depending on the number of ‘Sin Points’ collected. Rankings will be calculated in the first half and second half of the event and everyone will get different rewards.

     Event second half rankings reward
     Duration : July 7 18:00 – July 14 13:59
     Ranking : rewards
     1 to 50 : Hendrickson (Magic soldier) ×1★6 master hawk × 2
     51 to 200 : Hendrickson (Magic soldier) ×1 ★6 master hawk×1
     201 to 500 : Gilthunder (Rifle soldier) ×1 ★5Gale hawk×2
     501 to 1000 : Gilthunder (Rifle soldier) ×1★5Gale hawk×1
     1001 to 2000 : Gacha ticket ×3 ★5Gale hawk×1
     2001 to 3000 : Gacha ticket ×2 ★4Quick hawk×2
     3001 to 5000 : Gacha ticket ×1 ★4Quick hawk×1
     5001 to 10000 : Gold ticket 10000×2 Food ticket10000×2
     10001to20000 :Gold ticket10000×2 Food ticket10000×1
     20001to40000 :Gold ticket10000×1 Food ticket10000×1
     40001to」Gold ticket10000×1

     The collaboration event ‘Sen no Kaizoku’× ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ is finally unfolding! Enjoy the adventure with Meliodas and others!


     ■ Ocean adventure battle game ‘Sen no Kaizoku’ x ‘Sen no Kaizoku’

     Genre :Ocean adventure battle
     App Store :
     Google Play :
     Price :Free for Main Game(Charges apply for items)
     Maker :Sega Games
     Website :
     Twitter :@PRsennokaizoku

     The Seven Deadly Sins Special Collaboration Website :

     ‘The War of Pirates (Sen No Kaizoku)’ is an ocean adventure battle game in which the players lead the pirates’ fleets and send them out on a great voyage in search of legendary treasures. The players combine different boats and pirate companions to form their own pirate fleet and challenge in the real-time powerful battles. The extension of the ships and training of pirates is up to you! The game is full of speed run elements and you can thoroughly enjoy making  your very own pirate fleet as well as enjoy other adventures at sea.

     ■ The Seven Deadly Sins : Signs of the Holy War

Broadcast Info:August 28, 2016 at 5 pm. 
     For 4 weeks on the 28 Station JNN Network (MBS, TBS, etc.) 

     Website :
     Twitter :@7_taizai

     Staff :
     Original Creator : Nakaba Suzuki(Seralized in Weekly Shonen Magazine from Kodansha)
     Director : Tomokazu Tokoro
     Series Composition : Yuniko Ayaka
     Script : Yuniko Ayaka・Yuuichiro Kido 
     Character Design : Keigo Sasaki
     General Animation Director : Tomoko Sudo
     Music : Hiroyuki Sawano・Takafumi Wada
     Opening Theme : MUCC
     Sound Director : Kazuhiro Wakabayashi
     Animation Production : A-1 Pictures

     Medliodas : Yuuki Kaji
     Elizabeth : Sora Amemiya
     Hawk : Misaki Kuno
     Diane : Aoi Yuuki
     Ban: Tatsuhisa Suzuki 
     King : Jun Fukuyama
     Gowther : Yuuhei Takagi 
     Merlin : Maaya Sakamoto
     Gilthunder : Mamoru Miyano
     Howser : Ryouhei Kimura
     Griamore : Takahiro Sakurai 


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