TV Anime ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ and Ocean Battle Game ‘Sen no Kaizoku’ Collaboration Event

2016.06.29 <PASH! PLUS+>

The event has already surpassed 20,000 registered subscribers

©SEGA ©Hisashi Suzuki/Kodansha / Seven Deadly Sins Productions / MBS

     Finally, a event commemorating the collaboration of the famous TV animation Seven Deadly Sins and game Sen no Kaizoku will open on June 30, 2016. Before the event, more than 20,000 subscribers have already signed on. It appears that a huge success is in the works.

     Sen no Kaizoku is a pirate themed mobile game distributed on iOS and Android by Sega Games, a Sega Networks Company.

     To celebrate exceeding 20,000 subscribers, all participants at the event will be given a present of character ★5 Elizabeth. The special character is made only for the event and will not be sold elsewhere.

     ‘★5 Elizabeth (CV : Sora Amamiya)/Army branch: Kaifuku-tai’


     Seven Deadly Sins: Omen for War is planned to broadcast starting August 28. Meriodasu and his team’s adventures are not over yet. Before the start of the new animated series, let’s enjoy the collaborative event between ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ and ‘Sen no Kaizoku’.


Ocean Adventure Battle Game ‘Sen no Kaizoku’

     Genre : Ocean Adventure Battle
     App Store :
     Google Play :
     Cost : Free to play (items available for purchase)
     Maker : Sega Games
     Website :
     Twitter :@PRsennokaizoku

     Special collaboration with ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ :
     Website :

     ‘Sen no Kaizoku’ is an ocean adventure battle game where pirate players leads ships to battle in a hunt for legendary treasure. Players create teams with friends and make large-scale battles. Players can customized the size, shape, and design of their ship and, with training, can increase their power. Each pirate can create their own unique fleet, creating a thoroughly enjoyable ocean adventure in the process.

     ■ TV animation ‘Seven Deadly Sins : Omen for war’

     On Air : August 28, 2016, at 5:00 p.m.
     MBS and TBS group nationwide, with 28 stations and broadcast for 4 weeks


     Staff :
     Original Story : Hisashi Suzuki (in Kodansha ‘Weekly Shonen Magazine’)
     Director : Tokoro Tomokazu
     Story Editor : Ayana Unico
     Screenplay : Ayana Unico/Yuichiro Kido
     Character Design : Keigo Sasaki
     Chief Animation Director : Tomoko Sudo
     Music : Hiroyuki Sawano/Takashi Wada
     Opening Theme : MUCC
     Acoustic Supervision : Kazuhiro Wakabayashi
     Animation : A-1 Pictures

     Cast :
     Meriodasu : Yuki Kaji
     Elizabeth : Sora Amamiya
     Hawk : Misaki Kuno
     Diane : Aoi Yūki
     Van : Tatsuhisa Suzuki
     King : Jun Fukuyama
     Gouseru : Yuhei Takagi
     Merlin : Maaya Sakamoto
     Gil Thunder : Mamoru Miyano
     Hauser : Ryohei Kimura
     Grimwar : Takahiro Sakurai (and others)

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