‘Starry Palette‘ A New Style Media Project has New Visuals, Exciting Updates and Guest Live Event

2016.06.20 <PASH! PLUS+>

Don't Miss Out on the Main Visuals and Radio Recording Special

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     The game Starry Palette, has a new style media project with a concept that focuses on a mix of ‘Live x Media Game Entertainment.’ They have just released details on upcoming events and exciting updates, along with a release of new visuals.

     ◆New Images released
     Visuals for all nine of members who sing in the game ‘Starry Palette,’ have now been released for your viewing pleasure.

     ◆A Special Official Twitter follower and retweet campaign is happening now
     Entry for the current campaign only requires you to follow and retweet from the official ‘Starry Palette’ account, in order to enter for a free present.

     To participate, follow @Project_Starry, and retweet this specified tweet : https://goo.gl/8NA4qx. In doing so, you will be entered to be 1 of the 18 people who will win a prize, which is a 5,000 yen DMM pre-paid gift card. In addition, one lucky winner will be given a 10,000yen DMM pre-paid gift card, plus a special ‘sign’ autographed by Yuto Suzuki and Toshiki Masuda.

     *The campaign will end on June 30th, 2016 at 11:59 pm


     Radio Program ’Starry Palette’ currently on air


     ‘Starry Palette Radio’ (スタパレディオ) is a special pop star radio project, where fans can get a closer, more intimate look into the world of ‘Starry Palette.’ The special guest speakers are: Yuto Suzuki, who is the voice for Kureha Hoshino, and Toshiki Masuda, who is the voice for Kaito Tsujiishi. Not only will you get an exclusive sneak peek into the glamorous world of ‘Starry Palette’, you’ll also have the chance to get exciting live details and updates about the game. Make sure to tune in next time to get all the latest gossip.

     Yuto Suzuki

     Toshiki Masuda

     木村 昴(ゲスト)
     Subaru Kimura (Guest)

     伊原 辰(ゲスト)
     Shin Ihara (Guest)

     On air info : New episodes released every Monday

     ‘Starry Palette Radio’ (スタパレディオ)- Live recording 
     This just in, ‘Starry Palette Radio’ will be doing a live recording for the first time ever. Subaru Kimura and Shin Ihara will be the special guests for this recording. Now you have the chance to get to know the guest stars on a more personal level, to enjoy listening to their fun interaction, and get the latest gossip.

Live recording details : 
Date : August 6th, 2016  (Afternoon/Evening) two live performances scheduled 
Venue : Tokyo Science Museum Science Hall
Special appearances : Yuto Suzuki, Toshiki Masuda, Subaru Kimura (guest), Shin Ihara (guest)

     ※Subaru Kimura and Shin Ihara will appear in both the afternoon and evening events.
     ※Entrance fee will include some original product gifts made exclusively for the event.

     To purchase tickets, please stay tuned for details that will soon be posted on the official website and official Twitter account: @Project_Starry

     Details :

     Starry Palette

     Website : http://www.project-starry.com/
     Twitter : @Project_Starry
     Radio Program ’Starry Palette Radio’ (スタパレディオ)
Official site : http://hibiki-radio.jp/description/stapa/detail

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