“Mr. Osomatsu” New PC Browser game’s Advanced Registration has Started!


Advanced registration campaign has also started!

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Advanced registration for browser game “Mr. Osomatsu Damematsu collection ~Mutsugo no Kizuna~” has started on February 10, 2017 with its Twitter account. The game will start distributing in spring.

“Mr. Osomatsu Damematsu collection ~Mutsugo no Kizuna~” is a game to find the stories of 6 brothers’ bonds and the player will play the role of ‘god’ who looks after everyday life of brothers. All the stories will be newly written, so there might be some aspects you haven’t noticed about 6 brothers…?

Furthermore, the advanced registration campaign has also started from February 10. Applying to this campaign, you will get some pay contents called ‘Akatsuka fuda (Akatsuka cards)’. Advanced registration gacha (kind of a lottery of characters) and Twitter following campaigns to get 4star characters with some items are also starting. Check it!


“Mr. Osomatsu Damematsu collection ~Mutsugo no Kizuna~”
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Genre: Card game
Enabled device: PC Browser
Distributing Period: Around spring 2017
Price: free-to-play


Advanced registration campaign

Twitter campaign