“Layton’s Mystery Journey” Real World Puzzle Solving Campaign has been announced!


1st Question was given from Pikotaro as Puzzle Song!

3DS/iOS/Android game “Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy” will be on sale on July 20, from Level-5. Its campaign “Layton’s Mystery Journey Sekai Nazotoki Dai-Bouken (World puzzle solving adventure)” is spreading out around the world from June 20.

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 This campaign is made in a team with “Real Escape Game” maker SCRAP. 50 puzzle questions will pop out on internet and 10 countries including America, England, Korea, and Australia. Its memorial 1st question was given by Pikotaro as a Puzzle song!


 “Sekai Nazotoki Dai-Bouken” puzzles are available on internet. Search for “Layton.world” and enter this campaign! Any downloads or registrations are not needed.

*you can save your data or communicate with people all over the world by linking with your Google or Twitter account.


Starting with Pikotaro’s puzzle song! Other puzzles are popping out in Shibuya, Tokyo and London!?

 In this campaign, huge “something” will pop out in Shibuya, and many other puzzles will appear in places such as London Waterloo station.


Q1. “I Have a Puzzle…” in YouTube


Q2. “Chew On This Puzzle!” in Shibuya (June 23~30)

Huge “something” with chewing dress hat will appear in Shibuya! Hint for the puzzle is written on the hat…?

 And more…


Puzzles will appear in America, England, France and other countries!

 It is announced that more and more puzzles will appear in America (New York/San Francisco), Italy, France, Japan (Kyoto) and Spain!

 *Pictures are images of appearing puzzles
layton005 layton006 layton004


World Real Time Puzzle Solving System “TRANSLAYTON”

 To solve many puzzles, you have to get hints from people around the world. In order to communicate with them, new system called “TRANSLAYTON” was developed.

 By using Google Translate, player’s comments will be translated in many languages in real-time. You can chat with everyone without translating by yourself!


“Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy”

 Official site: http://www.layton.jp/mystery-journey/
Series official site: http://www.layton.jp/

Package/download price = 4,800yen (tax included)
CERO = now examining
Sales period: July 20, 2017

Download price = 1,800yen + item payments
*you can play until the end of the story without paying for items
Sales period: July 20, 2017


Puzzle creation = Kuniaki Iwanami
Creative producer/planning/scenario = Akihiro Hino
Character design = Takuzo Nagano
Music = Tomohito Nishiura
Planning/production = LEVEL-5 Inc.
Animation work = A-1 Pictures Inc.
Development = h.a.n.d. Inc./ LEVEL-5 Inc.

 Casts (for Japanese edition):
Katrielle Layton = Kasumi Arimura
Sherl = Koji Yakusho


©LEVEL-5 Inc.