Special Events for CD Series ‘Actors’ is Coming Up in January 2017

2016.05.20 <PASH! PLUS+>

Special guest star appearances include: Ryotaro Akiayu, Naozumi Takahashi, Ryota Takeuchi, and Takuya Sato

©ACTORS / EXIT TUNES Tensho Gakuen

     Details about the special event for the CD series, Actors, which has Vocaloid tunes sung by popular male voice over actors, have just been released.

     This event will be held nationwide for the first time in January 2017, in these three cities: Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo.

     This event features the gorgeous voice overs led by Ryutaro Okiayu, and includes Naozumi Takahashi, Ryota Takeuchi, Takuya Sato, Kenji Nojima, Sho Hayami, and Soichiro Hoshi. A live show, which will include a drama and talk show is scheduled during the event.

     Also, a new album called Actors5 is scheduled for release on June 15th, 2016, in a Limited and Regular Edition. Here, a serial number available only to buyers of the CD, will be required to book a ticket in advance. 

     The performers may change with each venue, with the exact details still to come. For the latest details, let’s go see the official website ♪


     ◇ Actors special event ~ Tensho Gakuen Music Festival 2017~

Performance schedule : 
     January 14th, 2017, at Zepp Namba, Osaka
     January 15th, 2017, at Zepp Nagoya, Aichi
     January 22nd, 2017, at Zepp DiverCity (Zepp Tokyo), Tokyo

     Performance times : 
     Matinee show, doors open at 2 pm / show starts at 2:30 pm 
     Evening show, doors open at 6 pm / show starts at 6:30 pm
     Price : All seats may be reserved beforehand (includes taxes) 
     * Beverages will be charged separately at the time of admission.
     * Pre-school children are not allowed admission.

     Cast :
     Osaka performance : Naozumi Takahashi, Ryota Takeuchi, Sho Hayami, Soichiro Hoshi , and more. . .
     Nagoya performance : Naozumi Takahashi, Ryota Takeuchi, Kenji Nojima, Sho Hayami, Soichiro Hoshi, and more. . . 
     Tokyo performance : Ryotaro Akiayu, Naozumi Takahashi, Ryota Takeuchi、Takuya Sato, Kenji Nojima , and more. . .

     ※each guest star will be introduced.

     Website :http://actorsmusic.jp/
     Twitter :@ACTORS_info

     ◆Exit Tunes Presents Actors5 (Limited Edition and Regular Edition)

     Release date : June 15th, 2016
     Price :
     Limited Edition : 3,500 yen + tax
     Regular Edition : 2,600 yen + tax
     Distributors : Exit Tunes
     Selling agency : Pony Canyon

     ▼ Limited edition jacket

     ▼ Regular edition jacket

     ♪ Now showing ‘Actors5′ preview  

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