‘Animelo Summer Live 2016 -Toki-‘ Adds 4 New Musical Acts to the 3 day Party Lineup

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Altima, Poppin’Party from BanG Dream!, Riho Iida, and The Du to hit stages

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     Attention all music lovers and concert goers as Animelo Summer Live 2016 -Toki– is just around the bend. Get ready for an amazing summer and go cheer on your favorite artists at the biggest annual anime songs music festival, which will take place at the Saitama Super Arena. This year’s exciting Animelo Summer Live music festival will be held on August 26 – 28, 2016. It’s going to be one wild 3-day music festival you won’t want to miss. Plus, it’s been announced that four more artist groups have been added to perform during this event. Keep on reading for details on who they are and when they’ll be performing.

     August 26th, 2017 : Altima

     ● Altima


     Profile :
     The highly skilled group consists of Motsu from ex.m.o.v.e, Sat from fripSide, and Maon Kurosaki. They made their stage debut in the Animelo Summer Festival back in 2011. They performed Burst The Gravity, which was the Opening Theme song for TV anime series Accel World. They have also released four anime theme song singles, along with their first album
Tryangle, and a Blue-ray Disc live. They will kick off the performance with their upbeat number Cyber Cyber. Their impressive performance skills is a definite must-see!

     August 27th, 2017 : Poppin’Party from BanG Dream!
    ●Poppin’Party from BanG Dream!
     What do you get when you combine anime characters with a real live performance? A futuristic band for the next generation. This girl-band, consisting of five members, make up Poppin’Party for the Girls Band・Project ‘BanG Dream!. This will be the first time for this group to perform at the Animelo Summer Festival. The group consists of: Guitar&Voclas – Aimi (role of Kasumi Toyama)/Guitar – Sae Ootsuka (role of Tae Kaen)/ Bass – Emi Nishimoto (role of Rimi Ushigome)/ Drums – Ayaka Ōhashi (role of Saaya Yamabuki)/ Keyboard – Ayasa Itou (role of Arisa Ichigaya)

     August 27th, 2016 : Riho Iida  
Riho Iida

     Profile : 
     Riho is known for being a regular member on NHK’s Genius TV-kun (天才てれびくん), and was on the show for four years. That kicked off her career, and where she rose to popularity. She made her voice acting debut when she voiced Rin Hoshizora in the TV anime series Love Live. Having performed at Tokyo Dome with Unit μ’s, she has grown to become a social media phenomenon. Having made her solo debut in January 2015, her single Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! has impressively ranked at 3rd in Oricon’s Weekly Chart. With her powerful voice, get ready to be blown away by the voice of this actress turned musician.

     August 28th, 2016: The Du

     ●The Du

     Profile : 
     Showing off a wide range of skills from singing, acting, and dancing, the members of The Du consists of : Jun Shirota, Taisuke Wada, and Jeity. They perform the Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town, which is the Opening Theme song for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Diamond is Unbreakable. Get ready to possibly see a new side of the anime story play out on stage.

     Altima will perform on August 26th, Poppin’Party from BanG Dream! and Riho Iida on August 27th, and The Du will perform on August 28th.

     See any of your favorite artists listed? Then make sure to buy your ticket before they sell out.

     Details :

     Animelo Summer Live 2016 -Toki-

     Date : August 26th, 2016 – August 28th, 2016 (doors will open every day from 2 pm and concert will start at 4 pm)
     Venue : Saitama Super Arena
     Ticket fee : All seats reserved/Advance 8,700yen (tax included・each day), General sale date will start June 26th, 2016 from 10 am.

     Performers(50 in alphabetical order) :
     ●August 26th, 2016
     Yuuka Aisaka, i☆Ris, Eir Aoi, Akino with bless4, Altima, Yuka Iguchi, every♥ing!, Granrodeo, Zaq, Suara, Azusa Tadokoro, Nami Tamaki, Demon Kakka, Rie Murakawa, May‘n, Yoyske Yamamoto, and more. . .

     ●August 27th, 2016
     Earphones, Maya Uchida, AOP, Ayaka Ōhashi, Kitauji Quartet, Screen mode, Konomi Suzuki, Ayahi Takagaki, Ayana Taketatsu, TRUE, Saori Hayami, fhána, Flow, Plasmagica (Show By Rock!!), Poppin’Party from BanG Dream!, LiSA, and more. . .

     ●August 28th, 2016
     Shouta Aoi, Ali Project, angela, Riho Iida, Yui Ogura, Kensho Ono, Maon Kurosaki, The Du, Earth Defense Forces, Haruka Tomatsu, TrySail, Shiena Nishizawa, Pile, petit milady, Minami, Suzuko Mimori, Kaori Yui, and more. . .

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