New Details for ‘Uta no Prince-sama’ Special Project ‘Shining Dream Festa’

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Introducing two theme songs on sale: 'Day Dream' and 'Night Dream'

Shining Dream Festa logo

     We have received the latest information on an event for Utapuri (Uta no Prince Sama series), a special project called ‘Shining Dream Festa,‘ which will start in the summer of 2016. Have a look!

     ■ Concept and News

     The Sun shines in the blue sky.
     The moon rises in the dark night.

     The beautiful forest changes its appearance hour by hour……
     The idols of the event interweave these moments like a dream.
     The shining office is offering you this special event called ‘Shining Dream Festa’.

     The ‘Shining Dream Festa’ has 2 theme songs ‘Day Dream’ and ‘Night Dream.’

     In these songs, the artists will be wearing the costumes designed by the world-famous designer, Keita Maruyama.

     Kurahana Chinatsu will be the videographer and will capture the lively performances of the pop stars.

     Bring in some extra fun to this summer and party it up with some awesome tunes!

     ◆ Keita Maruyama


     Keita was born in Tokyo and graduated from Bunka Cultural College. His collections have graced the stages of metropolitan cities in the world including Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Known for his attention to detail, his fan base has continued to grow in numbers. He uses dark colors which make the designs feminine and ageless. Apart from his own brand, he is a musician, actor. He actively participates in various fields such as making costumes for the stage shows and giving consulting directions to brands. In recent years, he is designing uniforms for JAL (Japan Airlines).
     In 2014, his brand celebrated its 20th anniversary.
     Keita Maruyama official site

     ◆ Kurahana Chinatsu


     Chinatsu was born in Kanagawa. She designs the characters of various articles as a freelancing illustrator. Her literary style is gaining popularity as she always comes up with an ingenious, interesting and a catchy plan. She has worked on drafts, designs, style and video shooting of the series, ‘Uta no ☆PrinceSama♪’

     [Other works]
     Draft of main male character and illustration of ED of TV animation ‘Aquarion Evol’
     Character designs of game app ‘Gossip Girl – Anticipation Of Love In New York’
Character designs of app ‘Symphonica’
     Character designs of Play StationR Portable ‘Final Promise Story’
     Illustrations of book collection ‘Hangoku no Ouji- Captive Prince- ‘Hangoku no Ouji- Captive Prince-1’- (Monochrome Romance book collection)

     Official homepage for ‘’ :

     ■ Information about CD sale
from makers :
     Sale of CD ‘Uta no ☆PrinceSama♪Shining Dream’ that has theme songs “Day Dream” and “Night Dream”. The CD cover has a design of 11 new idols illustrated by Kurahana Chinatsu. Costumes are designed by Keita Maruyama!

     Details :

     ‘Uta no ☆PrinceSama♪Shining Dream’ CD

     Day Dream :
     Otoya Ittoki  (CV : Takuma Terashima), Natsuki Shinomiya (CV : Kishō Taniyama), Ren Jinguji (CV : Junichi Suwabe), Sho Kurusu (CV : Hiro Shimono), Reiji Kotobuki (CV : Shotaro Morikubo), Kurosaki Ranmaru (CV : Tatsuhisa Suzuki)


 Night Dream :
     Masato Hijirikawa (CV : Kenichi Suzumura), Tokiya Ichinose (CV : Mamoru Miyano), Seshiru Aijima (CV : Kōsuke Toriumi), Ai Mikaze (CV : Shouta Aoi), Camus (CV : Tomoaki Maeno)

     Recorded songs :
     1.  Day Dream 
     Lyrics : Noriyasu Agematsu (Elements Garden)
     Composition : Hitoshi Fujima (Elements Garden)
     Orchestra : Seima Iwahashi (Elements Garden)

     2.  Night Dream 
     Lyrics : Noriyasu Agematsu (Elements Garden)
     Composition: Junpei Fujita (Elements Garden)
     Orchestra: Ryutaro Fujinaga (Elements Garden)

     3. Day Dream *off vocal – instrumentals

     4. Night Dream *off vocal – instrumentals

     Cost :
     Limited edition disc : 2,500yen + tax
     Wonderful LP based specifications. 11 tickets of ‘Shining Dream Collection’ are enclosed.
     * Only for limited edition disc.

     Regular edition disc : 1,400yen + tax
     With special enclosed gift among 2 CD covers, 1 is a surprise illustration
     * This is offered only for the regular edition disc.
     (‘Shining Dream Collection’ tickets will not be included for the regular edition disc.)

     Release date : August 17th, 2016
     Label : b-green (Broccoli Company)

     ■ The event-
     『Shining Production presents Shining Dream Festa


     From Sponsors :
     We are opening a special project ‘Shining Dream Festa.’ We hope you enjoy the exciting world of ‘Shining Dream Festa’!

     Get an inside look that features backstage performances of the artists, stage costume ‘Haute Couture’ by Keita Maruyama, videos, and exclusive details.

     Special goods will also be sold at the event!

     Period : August 8th, 2016-August 21th, 2016
     Venue : The Forest Museum, Harajuku

     * Entrance ticket is necessary.
     * The schedule for the ticket sales and the details about the ticket rates will be announced later.

     URL :

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