Anime ‘Tokyo Ghoul’s Stage Play Holds Special Event After Osaka Perfomances with Tokyo to Follow

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Tokyo event to be held at Zepp Tokyo on July 10th, 2016

©Ishida Sui/Shueisha ©Stage 'Tokyo Ghoul'Production Committee

     A special retrospective Tokyo Ghoul event was held in Mielparque Hall Osaka (Yodogawa, Osaka City), in addition to the performance of the play on July 3, 2016.

     After video of the play was shown, a talk show with the cast was also held. If a performer or voice actor of the popular anime was not present, video messages from these actors were also released. 

     Further, Osterreich, singer of the ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ √A theme song also appeared on stage to perform live for the first time, which made the show quite satisfying and successful event for fans.

     This special event is going to be held again this weekend, July 10, this time in the capital at Zepp Tokyo, so any and all who are interested should check the website.


     Stage Play ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Special Events

     Dates : July 3 (Sun), 2016, 12 pm / 5 pm (Two shows)
     Venue :Osaka Mielparque Hall
     Performers : Yuki Kogoshi (Ken Kaneki), Aya Tabata (Kirishima Tadashi Kaoru), Shogo Suzuki (Nishiki Nishio), Yuri Hamada (Kojiro Togiyo), Takashi Murata (Singer), Tomokazu Yoshida (Yomo Renji)
     Guest : Osterreich (‘Tokyo Ghoul’ √A Theme song)

     Dates :July 10 (Sun), 2016, 12 pm/ 5 pm (Two shows)
     Venue : Zepp Tokyo
     Performers :Yuki Kogoshi (Ken Kanagi), Aya Tabata (Kirishima Tadashi Kaoru), Shogo Suzuki (Nishiki Nishio), Shuujin Miyazaki (Hideyoshi Nagachika), Yuri Hamada (Kojiro Togiyo), Tomokazu Yoshida (Yomo Renji), Yuki Kimisawa (Koutarou Amon)
     Guest : Osterreich (‘Tokyo Ghoul’ √A Theme song)
     Sponsors : ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Stage Play Production Committee (Marvelous, Pierrot)

     ※Different performers will be performing in Tokyo and Osaka.

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     twitter :@tkg_stage

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