The ‘Fairy Tail’ Original Art Exhibition Begins September 17, 2016 at Tokyo Skytree Town

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Life Size Lucy and Natsu Figures will be on display - Areas for photo ops with the figures will be available

©Hiro Mashima/Kodansha

     Celebrating 10 years of being serialzed in Weekly Shonen Magazine, the manga Fairy Tail will have an exhibition of original manga drawings starting September 17, 2016 at Tokyo Skytree Town.

     The exhibition will showcase 10 years of Fairy Tail, with patrons being able to fully experience the manga’s world. From the story’s beginning to the latest developments, both gutsy fight scenes and powerful dramatic scenes will be on display. There will also be special twitter doodles from Mashimo himself.

     What’s more, special life size figures of Lucy and Natsu will also be on display. The figures are based off of original designs from Mashimo and fans can have their picture taken with them.

     Also at the Guild Shop (Merchandise Shop), there will be special goods on sale commemorating the event.


     Fairy Tail 10th Shonen Magazine Anniversary Original Art Exhibition           

Dates :September 17 to 25, 2016
     Venue :Tokyo Solamachi ® Fifth Floor, Space 634
     1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida, Tokyo, Japan. 131-0045
     Times :10 am – 7 pm(Final Entry at 6:30 pm)
     Transit Access :Tokyo Skytree Station on the Tokyo Skytree Line. Oshiage Station on the Hanzomon, Keisei-Oshiage and Toei Asakusa Lines.

     Event Contents :

     ● Original Art Exhibition Corner
Artwork covers the first meeting of Natsu and Lucy to the latest Fairy Tail episodes. Experience the world of Fairy Tail through colorized artwork and relive the many famous scenes that will be on display.

     Life Size Figure Exhibit
Life sized figures designed by Mashimo himself will be on display. You can take wonderful pictures posing next to Natsu and Lucy
     ※Above photo is a promotional image only.

     Additional Works
There’s even more Fairy Tail fun to be had beyond the original art exhibits.

     Guild Shop Merchandise Shop
Here, many types of special commemorative goods and artwork will be on sale coinciding with the event.

     Prices :
     (1)Advance Tickets
     Advance Ticket Prices:1,000 yen (tax included)
     Advance Tickets with Limited Edition Bonus Goods:3,000 yen (tax included)
     Limited Edition Goods:“Fairy Gift” Set

     (2)Same Day Tickets
     Price :1,300 yen (tax included)
     Same Day Tickets with Limited Edition Bonus Goods:3,300 yen (tax included)
     Limited Edition Goods:“Fairy Gift” Set

     Ticket Information:
     ■Advance Tickets : Designated by Date, the Number of Tickets Available Daily is Limited
     Sales Date:August 6 to September 16, 2016
     Sales Venues:
     ◯Animate:Ikebukuro Branch・Shibuya Branch・Akihabara Branch・Shinjuku Branch・Omiya Branch・Yokohama Branch・Machida Branch・Tachikawa Branch・Tsudanuma Branch・Kichoji Branch・Hachioji Branch・Chiba Branch・Kawasaki Branch・Kamata Branch

     ○Animate Online Store:

     ※Goods available from Online Store only until September 2.                            

     ○Tokyo Solamachi(R)Official Shop; Tree Villiage
     ○Ticket Pia (P Code:633-283)
     ・Phone Inquires:0570-02-9999(Automated Directory)
     ・Tickets Sold At:Ticket Pia, Seven Eleven, Circle K Sunkus

     ※Reception :Ticket Pia, Seven Eleven, Circle K Sunkus
     ■Same Day Tickets :Sold at Skytree Venue

     ※Advisories Regarding Admission
     ・Free admission for children under Elementary School Age
     ・When you buy at the Animate Main Store, Animate Online Shop or Tree Village, tickets have special Fairy Tail art design. Special Tickets are not available at event venue.
     ・Tickets are designated by date and supplies are limited by sales day. When supplies are exhausted on that day, the sale ends.                                    
     ・Limited Edition Merchandise accompanying tickets are in limited supplies and are only available while supplies last.
     ・There can be no change or exchange of already purchased tickets.
     ・Same day tickets are only eligible for attendance on that day.
     ・Limited Edition Merchandise will be distributed at the event venue.
     ・There is no re-entry upon leaving the event.

     For Questions and Inquiries : FairyTail Art Exhibition Administrative Office

     Tel : 03-3556-6561
     Service Hours : Weekdays from 10:00-17:00(Unavailable weekends and holidays. However, service available during event dates)
     Twitter :@FT_10th_genga

     ■When attending this event
     ・Do not camp overnight or show up in the early morning hours as this disturbs neighbors.
     ・Patrons will still line up outside even in the event of rain, so please bring an umbrella.
     ・Pets are not allowed.(Seeing Eye Dogs and Helper Dogs are exceptions)
     ・Please refrain from bringing replica swords.
     ・Patrons are responsible for any incidents regarding previously made goods or clothing that are brought in on their person.                                          

     ■Regarding the event
     ・Event dates and specifications are subject to change, delay or cancellation without notice.
     ・In the event of crowding, there will be admissions restrictions to ensure patrons’ safety.
     ・Patrons wearing cosplay will not be allowed entry.
     ・Photography and video recording of the event will occur. Any such material may be used for promotional materials.
     ・In the event of the following, please consult the nearest staff member.
     (1)If you feel sick or hurt.
     (2)In case of reporting items or addressing lost items.
     (3)If your child gets lost or you find a lost child.(Speaker announcements cannot be made.)

     ・Please refrain from running.
     ・Do not sit in hallways or shared event spaces as to disturb other patrons.       
     ・There is no smoking at the event.


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